• (抜粋版)twitter等で絵文字入力 UTF8絵文字




    twitter等で使えるUTF8の絵文字入力ツールから、 Android標準搭載のフォントで表示できる絵文字のみを抜粋した軽量版です。 Simeji等マッシュルーム対応アプリからご利用下さい。...

  • Crazy Clock widget




    Displays a characteristic clock on which numbers ara a shuffled. Its minute hand moves normaly, but hour hand jumps at every time.

  • WADOKEI -Japanese Clock-




    This widget displays a "WADOKEI" which is a Japanese traditional Sun&Moon clock.  Japanese traditional timekeeping practices required the use of unequal temporal hours: six daytime units from local sunrise to local sunset, and six night time units from sunset to sunrise. This...

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