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  • Groovy Notes - Personal Diary





    Groovy Notes is a valuable tool for recording minutes of the meeting, managing notes, lists, audio recordings, plans, messages, agendas, journals and other details on the go. It is your ticket to getting your life, be it personal, work or social, better organized or notability. Groovy Notes...

  • Uber Iris Photo Effects Filter




    Apply awesome free photo effects and filters to your photos with Uber Iris for Android! Convert your device into a pro photo studio by applying more than 50 different free photo filters and effects to your photos! Editors' Pick By AppEggs.com!! Uber Iris is a free photo editor for Android...

  • Avatar Creator - Face Maker




    Little People is a cute and fun avatar creator which is fun for both kids and grownups. With Little People's Avatar Creator you can create cute looking avatars that you can use as your profile image in Facebook, Twitter, Google, Whatsapp or any other social network or website. Features: -...

  • Visual Hunt for Product Hunt




    Visual Hunt is a Product Hunt (http://www.producthunt.com) client for Android that lets you visually browse through products, save your favourite products locally, email hunts and vent them, Tinder style. Product features: - Visual Navigation: Visually navigate through products posted on...

  • Bird Calls - 4500+ Bird Songs




    Listen to beautiful songs and calls of 4500+ birds from around the world! Listen to and enjoy the beautiful songs and calls of 4500+ birds from around the world! Download your favorite bird songs and bird sounds and set them as your ringtones, alarms & notifications. View 1000s of bird...

  • Mood O Scope : Mood Tracker




    Mood O Scope is a mood tracking app that also doubles as a Mood Journal & Mood Analyzer Have you ever wondered if you are really happy with your life? Ever wondered what could be that one thing, place or person that made you the happiest? Have you ever wanted to measure the quality of your...

  • Find Near Me -Places Around Me




    Find Near Me is an easy to use app which helps you find ATM, Bank, Gas Station, Restaurant, Bar, Café, Hospital, Hotel, Taxi, Movie Theatre, Beauty Salon, Wi-Fi spots or virtually anything near you. How many times have you had a need to find a Gas Station in the middle of a trip or to locate...

  • Weather+ HD - World Weather




    Off on an impromptu trip to a new city and wondering whether you'll need to pack your umbrella or a winter jacket Planning a family picnic, but not sure if the nice balmy weather will hold out? Now you can plan ahead and be prepared for any weather with Weather+ HD. Weather+ is your personal...

  • Monster Maker Fun Kids Game




    Create cool & awesome monsters this holiday season in this fun game of Monster Builder. With 9 different monsters and more than 50 different props to choose from, the number of monsters you can create is only limited by your kids imagination. Create you own legendary monsters that will wow...

  • Find Cheap Gas Prices Near Me




    Gas Nearby is THE app for finding cheap gas prices around you in USA! Gas Nearby app helps you quickly find and navigate to the nearest gas station and find the cheapest gas prices around your location. Gas Nearby is your best buddy when you want to find cheap gas near you. Features: - Find Gas...

  • Don't Tap Step The White Tile




    ‘Don't Tap The White Tile’ is an addicting game that's fun putting your reflex, speed and accuracy through the ultimate test, in four challenging game modes. There’s only one rule to this game: DON'T STEP ON THE WHITE TILE! ‘Don't Tap The White Tile’ is based on the popular...

  • Polller Polls : Instant Poll




    Polller Polls is a fun & entertaining social polls game that let’s you take instant decisions and gather opinions on anything you wish - anytime & anywhere. Not sure which outfit looks good on you? Wondering where to go for your next date? Have two wedding cards to choose between?...

  • 101 Natural Home Remedies Cure




    101 Natural Home Remedies & Natural Cures is your perfect companion when you need quick and natural remedies for common health alignments. All remedies suggested in the application are natural, ayurvedic and the ingredients, commonly available and are based on Ayurveda. Think of it as having...

  • Find The Doodle Game - Free




    Presenting you a new original game from the creators of ‘Sketch W Friends’. ‘Find the Doodle’ is an addicting doodle guess game where you guess the doodle based on the classic games of Pictionary and Charades. You aim is to guess the doodle based on the objects hidden in the picture which comes...

  • Movie Quiz Game : Film Posters




    How well do you know your flicks? Guess 100s of movie posters from the biggest Hollywood blockbuster films of all time! So, you think you’re a movie buff? The kind who knows everything about all the famous Hollywood actors and Oscar-winning movies? How many Hollywood movie posters do you think...

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