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    Sai Baba Bhajan

    Listen to your favorite Sai Baba Bhajans. These religious bhajans will give you peace and helps in meditation. To experience spirit of Sai Baba, install this app. Om Sai Ram!!

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    Download Durga Aarti Durga Aarti icon
    Durga Aarti

    Goddess Durga, Maa Durga (Mother Durga) "one who can redeem in situations of utmost distress". Durga is a form of Devi, the supremely radiant goddess, depicted as having ten arms, riding a lion or a tiger, carrying weapons (including a lotus flower), maintaining a meditative smile, and practicing mudras, or symbolic hand gestures Maa Dur…

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    Download Krishna Aarti Krishna Aarti icon
    Krishna Aarti

    Aarti Kunjbihari Ki is the aarti of Shri Kunj Bihari, one of the thousand names of Sri Krishna. Shri Kunj bihari literally means one who loves to walk in gardens. Shri Krishna Aarti - Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki is one of the beautiful devotional Hindi Bhajan songs.

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    Download Pure Healing Yoga Pure Healing Yoga icon
    Pure Healing Yoga

    Whatever your age, yoga can enhance your lifestyle Yoga is an ancient practice that helps create a sense of union in body, mind, and spirit. It brings us balance. Yoga uses asanas (postures), focused concentration on specific body parts, and pranayama (breathing techniques) to integrate the body with mind and mind with soul. Yoga began as a spiri…

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    Download Hare Krishna Hare Rama Hare Krishna Hare Rama icon
    Hare Krishna Hare Rama

    Hare Krishna Hare Rama mantra is known as the Maha-mantra of Kailyug (the supreme mantra of Kaliyug - the present era of machine where truth and righteousness are at their lowest level. ) It has been said that by repeating this mantra with faith and devotion, one can attain salvation and peace of mind.

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    Download Shiv Mantra Shiv Mantra icon
    Shiv Mantra

    Lord Shiva is the Lord of mercy and compassion. He protects devotees from evil forces such as lust, greed, and anger. He grants boons, bestows grace and awakens wisdom in His devotees. Om Namah Shivaya is known as the great redeeming mantra. Om Namah Shivay is a very powerful mantra. It has been said about this mantra that if this mantra vibrates…

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    Download Gayatri Mantra Gayatri Mantra icon
    Gayatri Mantra

    The Gayatri mantra is one of the oldest and most powerful of Sanskrit mantras. It is believed that by chanting / listening the Gayatri mantra and firmly establishing it in the mind, if you carry on your life and do the work that is ordained for you, your life will be full of happiness.

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    Download Sai Sayings Sai Sayings icon
    Sai Sayings

    "Om Sai Ram...." Sadguru Shirdi Sai Baba was an Indian saint and is regarded by his followers as incarnation of God on earth. This app contains Baba's eleven assurances !! The peoples those who have believe in Saibaba have installed. If you also want to experience the spirit of saibaba then just install an experience it. May Sai b…

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    Download Vishnu Aarti Jai Jagdish Hare Vishnu Aarti Jai Jagdish Hare icon
    Vishnu Aarti Jai Jagdish Hare

    Lord Vishnu is the Preserver and the Protector of all humanity - a deity who saves mankind from calamities that result from its own actions. Vishnu the Preserver and Protector has returned to earth in troubled times in various forms called Avatars to save the humanity and Universe and to restore the balance between good and evil. One of the most…

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    Download Ganpati Mantra Ganpati Mantra icon
    Ganpati Mantra

    Ganpati Mantras are known as Siddhi Mantra (the one with perfection). Each and every mantra is full of energy and power of Lord Ganesha. It is believed that mantras of Ganesha, when chanted with genuine devotion, give positive results. Ganesha is the power of knowledge, success and fulfillment.

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