• League of Stars

    League of Stars




    See what's hot on the League of Legends Championship Series with League of Stars App!! Read the news, watch the matches, see results and follow the general ranking... all about this exciting League of Legends. Follow your favorite team in LOL, either in the American or European league....

  • The Phone Club

    The Phone Club




    Lector oficial de las noticias de la comunidad thephoneclub.net Si quieres estar informado de las últimas novedades tecnológicas de Smartphones y tablets, esta es tu aplicación. Categorías: ★ Android ★ iOS ★ iPhone ★ Symbian ★ Bada ★ Tyzen ★ Operadoras Esperamos que disfruten de las noticias....

  • Ola ke ase Deluxe

    Ola ke ase Deluxe




    View, share, and set as wallpaper all the best "Ola ke ase" images with this simple yet nice and powerful app!

  • Wasap Fake Image Trolling

    Wasap Fake Image Trolling




    Wasap is an awesome app that allows you to send fake images using WhatsApp. You can select images from the integrated gallery, your own pictures or from any other app. Wasap is a sure joke to make anyone laugh =) Watch our video to learn how to attach photos in WhatsApp, where the preview...

  • Meme Directory

    Meme Directory




    Now you can create your own memes too!! We integrated a very cool feature in the last update. Create new memes and send them as images with WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mail or any other sharing plattform! Publish your creations to the community and get rated ;) Meme Directory is a meme reader and...

  • Cuanto Cat

    Cuanto Cat




    The ultimate application to enjoy the best pictures of funny cats in spanish. Browse all the images in a simple and elegant way with plenty of customizable options. Regular updates and new applications in the way, stay tuned! Features: [+] Preview of the images (Thumbnails). [+] Zoom and pan [+]...

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