X-Value Technologies

  • Telnet Client




    Telnet Client App is a client-server protocol(terminal emulation program for TCP/IP networks),based on a reliable connection-oriented transport. Telnet client can handle all the basic terminal functions as well as a wealth of additional, useful features. The Telnet program runs on your phone...

  • iGold




    Track Gold and Silver prices across Indian cities! Get the latest Gold and Silver rates! Gold: ------- Gold has captivated humans all through history. Early civilizations equated gold with gods and rulers, and gold was sought in their name and dedicated to their glorification. Humans almost...

  • Toolkit For Android




    The "Toolkit For Android" app is an one stop shop with multiple tools that make the life of the Android user easy. Here are the list of tools and their uses in brief: Apps Manager – Viewing and killing apps Hardware Check – Ability to check all device H/W like speakers, camera etc....

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