• Yahoo拍賣 -全新Y拍,隨拍即賣!免費刊登,安心購物!




    YAHOO拍賣 APP 主要功能: 1. 拍照、修圖、免費刊登, 一步完成: 沒時間拍照上傳? 沒時間填一堆資訊? YAHOO拍賣 APP結合拍照、修圖功能,一分鐘商品快速上架,免費刊登! 2. 購物、付款、收貨,一指搞定,YAHOO拍賣 輕鬆付款有保障: 讓你輕鬆瀏覽分類或搜尋全新或二手商品,並提供ATM、信用卡、超商取貨付款等多元交易選擇。商品一指快速入袋,再享全台唯一5萬元買賣家高額雙向保障喔! 3. 隨身攜帶我的 YAHOO拍賣 最愛賣家: 結合個人化專屬資訊,讓你隨時瀏覽最愛賣家的拍賣商品和喜愛的商品類別,隨時隨地好逛好買! 4. 一按FB、Line輕鬆分享:...

  • Yahoo Screen




    Watch the new season of Community for free. Stream your favorite Saturday Night Live skits, Comedy Central clips, Live Nation concerts, Vevo music videos, instant in-game highlights from the NFL, Yahoo original content and more. Favorite features · Get clips from the SNL archives ·...

  • YAHOO Hong Kong Deals




    Yahoo Hong Kong Deals offers you daily deals on restaurants, shops, beauty and everywhere with huge discounts. Now you can simply browse and buy on your phone anytime, and you can save up to 90%! This app can enable you to keep track of your purchased coupons and lead you there. Key features:...

  • Yahoo超級商城 - 行動購物首選,優惠商品天天推薦




    超級商城APP是Yahoo奇摩提供的新型手機網購服務。包含服飾、美妝、團購美食、3C等豐富的商品與折扣活動。您可以使用這個APP逛超級商城所有網路商店,利用掃條碼迅速找到您想比價與欲購買的商品,還有免費的門市優惠券不定時發送。APP裡面的帳戶資訊也會與商城電腦版同步,讓您隨時隨地都可以查詢訂單及結帳您的購物車。包含東京著衣、Miustar、糖罐子、天藍小舖、屈臣氏、康是美、小三美日、漢神百貨等超過4000家熱們商店通通都在超級商城。 主要功能介紹: 1. 最新動態 - 提供個人化的新品推薦、熱門商品、優惠商品及折價券,讓您只要有空閒的時間就可以滑一滑,逛一逛。 2. 分類瀏覽...

  • Flickr




    Introducing the new Flickr app - upload, access, organize, edit, and share your photos from any device, from anywhere in the world. • Put your free 1000GB to work - auto-upload all your photos and videos, privately storing them in your Flickr camera roll. • Camera roll in the cloud - instant...

  • Yahoo購物中心 嚴選好康,品牌優惠,及貼心24H送到服務




    ***產品重點說明*** 1. 每天絕不想錯過的每日好康 - 每天早上10:00更新的新鮮折扣活動,這樣誘人的優惠,賣完就不知道何時再見囉! - 通知功能每天 10:00 貼心體醒您回來搶當天優惠...每週數百筆好康以上! 2. 好找、好逛、到購物完成的完整體驗 - 從類別瀏覽,搜尋功能,到商品資訊呈現,與完成購買。讓你隨時隨地都可以流暢且輕鬆地shopping。 - 帳戶資訊也會與購物中心電腦版同步,讓您隨時隨地都可以結帳您的購物車,以及查詢訂單即追蹤清單。 3. 更方便好找的「品牌(搜尋)快手」 -...

  • Yahoo新聞- 即時多元、全台參與




    Yahoo新聞APP挾千萬網友優勢‧1億心情投票發聲力挺! 滿足滑世代閱讀新聞3大需求:彙整多元觀點、參與、快速 網友最愛心情新聞帶著走 Yahoo新聞讓你隨時隨地掌握最新消息和熱門話題,圖文影音完整呈現,看完新聞立刻投票反應你的心情。 主要功能: • 編輯精選焦點新聞 • 留言回應功能 • Yahoo民調中心 • 網頁搜尋功能 • 心情投票與心情新聞 • 新聞快訊與推播通知 • Video 新聞連續播放 • 客製化的分類設定 功能說明: • 編輯精選焦點新聞 Yahoo...

  • 7SPORT – Sport Scores & News




    Don’t miss a minute of the action with the 7Sport app. Keep up to date with live scores, breaking news and live streams of every court at the Australian Open.

  • Fantasy Soccer




    Build your ultimate soccer team and beat your buddies with the Yahoo Sports Fantasy Soccer app—the first real time, social fantasy soccer game. Top features: • Play major tournaments including EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A or Ligue 1 • Set up and manage your team seamlessly and effortlessly...

  • 9.5

    Yahoo Sports




    Get the latest, and a heap of customization options, from Yahoo Sports

  • 8.2

    Yahoo News Digest




    The 8 top stories from around the web, updated twice a day

  • 8.0

    Yahoo Finance




    Yahoo! Finance provides daily market briefing, news and stock market tracking tool

  • Yahoo - News, Sports & More




    Get the news you need and an endless stream of stories you love, summarized by Yahoo The Yahoo App for Android brings you the latest headline news, stories, and original content! Favorite features - All your news in one place with 12 categories, from Business, to Finance, to Sports and so...

  • 9.0

    Yahoo Weather




    Yahoo! Weather is the official Yahoo! weather forecast app for Android

  • PLUS7




    The PLUS7 App is the easiest way to catch up on your favourite TV shows on the go and offers video streaming of full length episodes as seen on Seven, 7mate, 7TWO and other content partners – just hit the play button and you can watch full screen videos straightaway. • New episodes are added...

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