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  • I Love You Sender

    I Love You Sender




    I Love You in different languages! [Updated!] - SMS Delivery Report - Copy/Paste Love Message - SMS Fix - Minor bug fixes

  • SMS Speed

    SMS Speed




    How fast can you type a message? Test your typing speed by playing the single player mode or challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode! Enjoy this game while it's FREE! [Singleplayer Mode] Test your speed in the singleplayer mode. - Choose a level (easy/average/hard). - Play! - Share...

  • WhoSent't?





    We shuffle your text messages, and you try to guess the sender. Ready to play? Download the game while it's FREE! [tags: sms, smsgame, messages, shuffle, free]

  • Fake SMS

    Fake SMS




    Send Fake SMS to yourself from celebs like Usher, Beyoncé, Mr. T and even from Justin Bieber for FREE! Easy to use User Interface!

  • Kandil Mesajlari

    Kandil Mesajlari




    Bu yazılım ile arkadaşlarınıza ve ailenize Kandil mesajlarını SMS olarak gönderebilirsiniz. Özellikler: - Kişi listesinden direk gönderme - Alfabetik sıralama Yazılım tamamen ücretsizdir!

  • Prijs Calculator

    Prijs Calculator




    Met de Prijs Calculator kunt u aan bedragen verschillende kortingspercentages toekennen. Zo kunt u snel en gemakkelijk bedragen laten berekenen.

  • Trollizer





    The Ultimate Troll Application! Generate your own troll (and other internet meme) images with Trollizer. Get this application for FREE! It's FREE, U Jelly?

  • Fake SMS PRO

    Fake SMS PRO


    Send Fake SMS to yourself from celebs like Usher, Beyoncé, Mr. T and even from Justin Bieber! Easy to use User Interface! [PRO] This is the donate version of the App. - The donate version enables you to enter custom names. - No ads are displayed. - More predefined names

  • Squeeze It!

    Squeeze It!




    Got a long URL? You can shorten it using the Squeeze It application! Squeeze your URL's now!

  • Whose Turn?

    Whose Turn?




    Who is going to do the dishes? Who is going to feed the dog? Whose turn is it? Let the Application decide! It goes through the names you entered, and selects one! Is it your turn?

  • Happy Birthday Sender

    Happy Birthday Sender




    Send "Happy Birthday" in different languages! [UPDATED] - Minor bug fixes - SMS Delivery Report

  • The Mosquitonator

    The Mosquitonator




    The Mosquitonator scares the mosquitoes away by using Ultrasound frequency. This is not audible by humans. [UPDATE] - Improved Ultrasound! Remember: you use it at your own risk, we bear no responsibility for any harm, damage you can posibly do to yourself and/or third parties.

  • BMI Calculator

    BMI Calculator




    Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • 3 In a Row!

    3 In a Row!




    Play 3 in a Row with your friend or machine!

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