• VFGallery




    "I want to see photos of that travel." Said Do not you photograph no relationship is disturbed when I thought? Usually creates a folder in the file manager app, it will be organized to move one by one. However, you can not know the location of the photo in the file manager, such as...

  • (幼児向け)ファンシーキツン 神経衰弱


    ファンシーキツンシリーズ第1弾 幼児向けの神経衰弱ゲームです。 オリジナルのかわいい猫が16種類登場します。 ゲームのモードは2×4、3×4、4×4から選択できます。 かわいい猫をそろえて記憶力を鍛えよう。

  • (幼児向け)ファンシーキツン ナンバー9


    ファンシーキツンシリーズ第2弾 2歳からできる幼児向けびの数字遊びパズルゲーム 1~9までの数字を順番にタッチしていくだけの簡単なゲームです。 すべてタッチすると背景の猫が現れます。

  • Photo Sticky




    It is a gallery that classifies sets the tag to the image and movie files. This will enable various classification and by setting the multiple tags file. You can use the search and refine by tags and quickly display the image you want to see. Will save you the hassle of searching by...

  • Free Graph




    You can record anything. For example, body weight, electricity charges, such as temperature. I can choose from three types of year, month and year, the date the horizontal axis. There are two kinds of "Line" and "bar" type of graph. Please use the Free Graph by all means if...

  • Photo Info Eraser




    Information named EXIF is included in the JPEG image. The date of the JPEG image, update, the terminal name (digital camera name) of which it takes a picture, and the manufacturer name and GPS(GEO tag) information, etc. are included in EXIF. When the image that contains EXIF is opened to the...

  • Multiple TODO




    It is an application that records the "To Do List" for each project. Project will be able to set anything. For example, it is also effective and want to manage "To Do List" separate the "work" and "private". I'm going to "To Do List"managed...

  • Cool Gallery




    Image viewer to classify managed not move the file! It is an application to classify a group that is managed independently within the app. It does not not attempt to move the file on the SD card or internal storage. Because it does not move the file and will not affect any other apps matter how...

  • Quick Sticky




    Quick entry from the widget. Confirmed in one tap. That's what is the "Quick Sticky". Have you felt the stress to begin to write it from I want to write a note? By using them is in a widget in advance, we have to reduce the stress of up to fill the "Quick Sticky". For the...

  • 電気代ノート




    電力会社から毎月送られてくる電気使用量のお知らせや太陽光発電による買い取り量の明細票を記録します。 契約内容や使用電力量から料金を計算し、さらにCO2の排出量や節電した場合の電気料金の目安を確認することができます。 また、機器の使用電力と使用時間から電気代やCO2排出量などの計算を行う「電気代計算機」も含んでいます。 毎月の電気料金の記録と節電などの役に立てれば幸いです。...

  • 電気代計算機




    電力(W)と使用時間を元に電力会社と契約区分に対応した電気料金を計算します。 またCO2の排出量や石油発電での石油使用量なども見ることができます。

  • VFGallery




    It is possible to see by taking the image and the animation preserved on the SD card, and sorting it with a virtual folder. An actual folder composition in the SD card is not changed. The folder made by this application doesn't influence an actual folder. The sorted state is effective only...

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