• YP - Yellow Pages local search

    YP - Yellow Pages local search




    YP – the even-more-powerful Yellow Pages, is now better than ever. Find great local businesses, cheap gas, browse menus, movies, maps, and so much more. Plus our exclusive mybook feature lets you easily organize, create, and share collections of your favorite businesses with your friends and...

  • YP for Merchants

    YP for Merchants




    With the YP for Merchants℠ app, advertisers can build and manage their business on the go. This app provides real-time notification to help advertisers avoid missing any important calls. It also provides easy to use - at your fingertips - tools to help advertisers to “look their best” online, all...

  • YP (tablet version)

    YP (tablet version)




    Find over 20 million local business listings, including restaurants, movies, auto shops, hotels, even find cheap gas. Plus, save your favorite go-to businesses to My Book so you never have to search for them again. YP – it’s the even-more-powerful-so-you-can-do-anything, Yellow Pages. What...

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