Yet Another App Company

  • Ninja Farmer




    Learn the way of the Shinobi as you start out by employing aspiring ninja students to perform missions for you, and end up leading an army of legendary ninjas, commanders, and mythical creatures. Ninja Farmer is a mini-game created in extension of, where your goal is to collect...

  • Block Struggle




    A fun and fast-paced multiplayer game where the objective is to connect as many consecutive blocks of the same color as you can in 2 minutes. Block Struggle is a multiplayer puzzle game available on Android and iOS. You can go through the increasingly difficult puzzles of a campaign mode or...

  • Yet Another Ball Game Free




    Yet another ball game is a puzzle game where your objective is to collect stars on increasingly difficult playing fields which contain obstacles such as stationary and rotating wooden bricks, speed boosters, speed decelerators, teleporters and more. How to play - by swiping your finger across...

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