• yco Clock

    yco Clock




    ycoClock is a simple digital clock widget displayed in the home screen. It is a handy widget that takes up a small 2x1 home screen grid in both portrait and landscape orientations. Touching the clock widget will call up the main clock page with a bigger digital clock displayed. The main clock...

  • yco Contact

    yco Contact




    yco Contact is a contact management app. It organizes device contacts in groups independent of contact accounts in the device. This can avoid confusion of contact groups when there are multiple accounts (e.g. Google, Facebook, WhatsApp etc) in the device, especially different device manufacturers...

  • Note Reminder

    Note Reminder




    Note Reminder is an application that uses a secure but convenient way to manage your important notes. Notes are grouped by Accounts. The Account in this application is anything you feel important and has secrecy implication when it is stored in a portable or mobile device. Examples of account are...

  • Stock Invest

    Stock Invest




    Stock Invest is an application that uses a secure but convenient way to manage your stock investment. Your stock investment is managed in a number of portfolios with each portfolio has its own set of analysis such as overall performance, distribution and breakdowns. Your stock transactions can...

  • yco Connect

    yco Connect




    yco Connect is a simple device connectivity app that links your devices together to form a peer-to-peer group. It allows a number of devices to connect via Wi-Fi Direct framework so that they can share files between them. Files and directories can be copied directly between two devices at the...

  • yco Stock

    yco Stock




    ycoStock is a simple stock program that manages a list of your favorite stocks. Stock information such as stock values, changes, and volumes can be obtained from Yahoo Finance website at a regular time interval. Your favorite stocks can be assigned into a number of groups so that you can get and...

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