Yobibyte Games

  • Koala Jump


    Did you know that koala bears can jump and shoot fireballs? Most koalas are shy and peaceful. There is an endangered koala in southern Australia who is special. He does not want to stay home and eat leaves. He wants to explore the world and search for new land. Help the koala stay alive by...

  • Air Cupcake




    Air Cupcake is an amazing, fast-paced game similar to air hockey. The objective of the game is to use your fork to push the cupcake into your opponent’s cupcake holder. Air Cupcake features an extremely, intuitive interface which puts you on the playing board the moment you start the game....

  • Bee Dazzled




    Help the bee fly between the brightly colored jewels. Do not touch the jewels or it will be all over. Collect as many honeycombs as you can. When you have collected 50 honeycombs, the jewels will open up for a few seconds so that it will be easier for you to pass.

  • Celebrity Breakups




    Celebrity Breakups is a fun game for everyone especially someone who is interested in celebrities. Celebrity Breakups is a highly addictive, fast paced action game where you will need fast reflexes and quick thinking. Use your lightning fast finger-swiping skills to break apart the celebrity...

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