Yoel Lax

  • Ari Goldwag




    This is the official website of Ari Goldwag. This appwas created with a goal to bring the beauty and light of Torah to as many Jews as possible. Not all Jews have had the privilege to attend Yeshiva and have the opportunity to be constantly inspired in their connection to God. This application...

  • Judaism 4 U




    This application was created in the run-up to the Jewish new year for the year 5772 in order to create an instant way for Android device users to connect with Judaism using their devices. This application provides inspiring and invigorating articles; covering the basics of Jewish ethics, Jewish...

  • Yeshiva Gavoha Or Etzion




    האפליקציה רשמית של הישיבה הגבוהה אור עציון

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