• GoogleTV SmartWatch Remote

    GoogleTV SmartWatch Remote




    THIS IS ALPHA. THIS WILL CRASH AND THERE WILL BE ANRs. This is a GoogleTV remote for smart watch. Source: https://github.com/yolanother/SmartWatchGoogleTVRemote

  • Open Split Keyboard

    Open Split Keyboard




    This is an early release of a free Holo themed split keyboard. It currently only supports 1280x800 screens (Xoom, Iconia Tab, etc). A not on permissions: This app requests android.permission.READ_CONTACTS (Personal Information) so contacts can be used in suggestions. It also uses your user...

  • Droid Reader Tablet Beta

    Droid Reader Tablet Beta




    DISCONTINUED DEVELOPMENT New reader apps like BlipBoard and Google Reader have filled the void that this was covering. I'll leave it up for people who are still using it. This is an early release of a Honeycomb tablet oriented version of Droid Reader. This is an early beta release and will...

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