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Maya Calendar

Display the Maya Tzolk'in Calendar (The Maya ritual calendar) on your home screen. This application is a home widget. To add the widget to your HOME-Screen: Press Menu -> Add -> Widget

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Download Clothing-Calculator Clothing-Calculator icon

Remember your data and calculate your clothing sizes. Calculate international sizes for your Hat, Shoe, Glove etc.

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Download Dead Pixel Remover Dead Pixel Remover icon
Dead Pixel Remover

Just bought a new phone and immediately found several dead pixels on your display? The dealer refused to exchange the device because it didn't affects the usability or wants to send it in for repair? Try this little tool to unlock dead pixels. Some claim that repeated color cycling can revive dead pixels.

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Download OMG UFOs ! OMG UFOs ! icon

UFOs - They are everywhere! Especially with this camera application you can prove the first contact ;)

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Download Run Fun Run Fun icon
Run Fun

This App will guide you through your jogging or cardio training. It tracks your path and calculates the achieved distance. You can review your path on google maps (Menu->Logbook->Map). You can configure your desired training length or switch to an interval-training. (Menu->Settings) Before your training the App informs you about the wea…

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Download Tribal-Clock Widget Tribal-Clock Widget icon
Tribal-Clock Widget

This clock is inspired by traditional tattoos from Māori tribal groups. Features: - Download friendly 81kb - Rendered with multi-layers - low power usage - runs on Android 2.1+

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Download Retro Clock Widget Retro Clock Widget icon
Retro Clock Widget

Retro Clock Widget The imitation of the original LED clock. Use Menu->Add->Widget to add the clock to your display. Features: - 12/24 hour display - low power usage - without advertisement - free jingle included - runs on android smartphones 2.1+

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