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  • Nursing forum

    Nursing forum


    General nursing discussion forum App Nursing forum is a friendly forum app created by nurses, for nurses. Meet other nurses, nursing students, and discuss nursing topics, nursing education and more. This App is a good place to discuss topics that apply to Licensed Nurses, regardless of their...

  • International Calling (Pro)

    International Calling (Pro)




    Make International Calls International Calling will allow you to call any country by adding credits to your phone. It's easy and fast to use! Top Features: * Connect to anyone, anywhere with superb quality and reliability at 98% less than standard mobile and landline carriers. * Calls will...

  • Smart Cellphone Settings APN

    Smart Cellphone Settings APN




    Find your Phone Data Settings or APN in just 2 minutes!!! We also Unlock your Phone You can Also pay your phone Bill with Us Worldwide Internet and MMS APN settings Smart Phone Settings APN is the best APN manager tool that helps you set up your APN settings * Access Point Name - for Internet and...

  • Phone Unlocker Fast

    Phone Unlocker Fast




    Unlock Phone by Brand: Save More, Enjoy your Phone More! Select your cell phone's brand from the list to view services that can unlock your model. Most of our services need only the phone's IMEI number. We provide step by step instructions for your easy understanding one the unlock is...

  • Cell Refill

    Cell Refill




    Cell Refill App: An App for those who want to pay their phone bill their way! Pay your phone anytime, anywhere with this App. Most prepaid carrier included. Cell Refill App Also Contains: * Find low price phones *Cheap International Calls *Unlock Phone after Tools *Phone Data Settings *SIM Cards...

  • Foro de Cuba - Cuba Forum

    Foro de Cuba - Cuba Forum




    Comparte y explesate, esta aplicacion es para todos los que quieran hablar de y sobre Cuba. * Musica cubana * Arte * Sociedad cubana y mas Disfruten!

  • IMEI Unlocker

    IMEI Unlocker




    IMEI Unlocker App is a supplier of network unlock codes and is a direct source . The term "Unlocking" in our case refers to removing the restrictions network carriers put on phones. Once the phone is unlocked in can be used with any GSM carriers. SIM Locks may also be referred to as the...

  • Youtubito





    Youtubito = Share it! Enriching Life, Sharing Ideas, Experiences and Knowledge * Features*: - Share you Channel - Share your Videos - Watch videos - Rate, share, comment on threats Youtubito is a mobile application forum which allows you to read and share simpler and quicker information....

  • Youtubito Español

    Youtubito Español




    Youtubito = Compártelo! Enriqueciendo tu vida, Compartiendo Ideas, Experiencias y Conocimiento! *Promueve tu canal * Promueve tus videos *Mucho Mas! Youtubito es una aplicación móvil que le permite leer y compartir información de una forma sencilla y rápido. La ignorancia es la peor enfermedad...

  • International Calling Android

    International Calling Android




    Make Cheap International Calls from your Android Phone ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** - Unlock your Phone - Find Free APN or Phone Data Settings - Easy to Use - No Need to go to the Store to buy a calling call anymore! **** **** **** **** How to Make International Calls? It's very Easy. *...

  • APN Settings for ALL

    APN Settings for ALL




    Find APN Settings or Phone Data Settings for your Phone. Very Handy for Travel or Phone Network company change. **** **** **** **** **** In mobile technology nomenclature, APN is an acronym for Access Point Name. APN settings tell your phone what network to connects to for Internet access....

  • IMEI Checker FREE

    IMEI Checker FREE




    Best Way to Get to Know you Phone Better: IMEI Checker FREE Every mobile phone, GSM modem or device with a built-in phone / modem has a unique 15 digit IMEI number. Based on this number, you can check some information about the device, eg brand or model. **** **** **** **** Instructions Step 1...

  • Blacklist Check

    Blacklist Check




    Blacklist Check: Find out about a Phone before you buy it! Do you want to ensure you get the best price on ebay or the like when you sell an item by providing the buyer with a background report? Generate a complete checks record of your device as follow: •Ever blocked •Currently blocked •Lost...

  • How to Unlock

    How to Unlock




    How to Unlock Phone: Explained! If you still do not know how to unlock your phone, there is nothing to feel ashamed of. Though the procedure has become a rage among phone owners, not many know how to successfully carry it out on their devices. They are still able to reap the rewards of unlocking...

  • MMS settings

    MMS settings




    MMS settings: Verify and update APN settings Need the internet or MMS settings for your device? Here's our ever-growing repository of APN settings for your phone so it can access the internet and send/receive multimedia messages. This App goes over setting up, modifying and troubleshooting...

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