• ShotGun




    This is a cool app for people who want to fire. You can launch the app, select the gun from different choices. Hold your phone as gun and move your gun to start firing. Push gun back & forward to lock the gun and swing to shoot. This is a cool app to start firing and making fun. Dev by...

  • Mask Me




    MaskMe is a fun application for all age groups. Users can select an image from gallery or capture a new image using the device camera. User can edit the image by placing different types of mask’s (eye’s, lip's, moustache'). Edited image can be saved on the device or shared with friends...

  • Caboodle




    Caboodle is a multi-utility application. Use it to capture photos from the camera, annotate in multiple colors, record audio notes and save or e-mail the package, all this right from your Android phone without the need to switch applications. Caboodle even tags your message with location, date...

  • ShotGun2




    This is a cool fun app. for people who want to use their android device for a gun game. This version of the app. is enahnced based on user feedback from earlier versions. This app. incorporates custom sounds, vibration and visual effects. You can launch the app., select a gun from available...

  • Check Your Luck




    A simple Intuitive game that allows you to check your luck. Hit the start button to start animating the numbers and hit stop to randomly stop the numbers. The higher the same numbers, the higher your luck. A fun game to try out.

  • ColorAstro




    Identify your personality based on the color you choose. This fun app provides details of your personality based on your choice of color. The results shown by the app are completely fictional. YQ Labs does not take any ownership of the results.





    Another cool interesting app from YQ Labs. Calculate the relation between you and you love. Find out whats your relation ship. Well tested on all android phones and is available for free.

  • Panchang




    The most innovative and FREE panchangam tool available now on Android that will show vara, tithi, nakshatra, yoga, karana, raasi, ayanamasa, rahukaal, gulikakaal, yamaganda and more for any given date, time and Time Zone. Developed by YQ Labs, this tool has complex algorithms to ensure maximum...

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