Yu Chen Hou

  • SleepyTime: Bedtime Calculator




    Nothing is more important than getting a good night's sleep, and waking up in a good shape let you make the most of your day! SleepyTime is an app designed to help you wake up in-between sleep cycles and allows you to start the day with a clear mind. Every time you sleep, you enter into a...

  • SleepyTime Plus




    Want to wake up refreshed? Every time you sleep, you enter into a series of sleep cycles that last for around 90 minutes, and waking up during one of the cycles will make you feel groggy and exhausted. SleepyTime is an app designed to help you wake up in-between sleep cycles and allows you to...

  • SpeechJammer




    Just try to talk with this app on, it won't be easy! NOTE: Please use headphones. With SpeechJammer, you can literally "jam" someone's voice. Through the Delayed Auditory Feedback effect, the speaker will have trouble articulating while speaking, effectively inhibiting his or...

  • SayIt




    SayIt lets your phone talk! It's useful to practice pronunciation in various languages or whenever you are unable to talk. Simply type a word, a sentence or a paragraph and press play and the phone will read it out for you! This app requires the Google Text-To-Speech engine, so make sure you...

  • Metal Sniffer: Metal Detector




    === Metal Sniffer: Metal Detector === Metal Sniffer is a portable metal detector. By detecting nearby electromagnetic fields using the phone's built-in magnetometer/compass, you can locate nearby metal and magnets. You can also use it to find metallic studs and wiring behind walls. Depending...

  • WatInfoSession (BETA)




    Find the time & location of University of Waterloo employer info sessions on campus! Never miss an info session ever again! Uses information from the University of Waterloo website, built with the excellent Ionic Framework. Currently BETA and the Calendar feature does not work (yet)....

  • EarthGuesser: Guess Places!




    EarthGuesser is an educational puzzle game that takes you to a random Google Street View location around the world and challenges you to guess its location on a map. From the most remote roads in the Amazon to crowded shopping malls and museums, the game trains your awareness of surroundings...

  • Solar Watch for Wear




    Get the sunrise and sunset times from your Android Wear watch! To start the app... just say "Start Solar Watch" on Google Now or launch it as an app! The app currently tells you the time until the next sunset on top and sunrise on the bottom.

  • Notable (Donate)




    Help support the development of Notable & buy me a drink! This donation-supported version of Notable comes with an exclusive dark Holo theme. It also has the "Donate" and "More apps" link removed in the menu. However, you will receive the upcoming Pro version for free...

  • Notable: Quick Reminder




    *If you find this app helpful, please rate/share it! Also donate to unlock a dark theme! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icechen1.notable.pro Notable allows you to create notification reminders on the go. Need to remind yourself of something to do? Just open the app, type in a...

  • GIF Express Camera




    GIF Express Camera (formerly Face2Gif) is the fastest way to create your own animated gifs right from your phone or tablet! It's perfect for reaction gifs (reaction faces, selfies), and time-lapse shots. Then add cool effects like captions and share it with your friends or on the Internet!...

  • NightLamp: Night Light




    NightLamp turns your phone into an intelligent night light and clock, allowing you to sleep with ease. You can control this night lamp using various sensors on the phone: -Swipe the screen up or down to change the brightness of the front light -Tap the screen to turn the light on/off -Flip the...

  • Has the World Ended Yet?




    With this free app, you will be the first to know if an End Time scenario has occurred, such as a zombie outbreak, nuclear holocaust, Godzilla, 2012, Alien attack, Cthulhu... you name it! Our team of cryogenically frozen Agents will be awakened immediately to update the status of this app if...

  • WordLookup




    Permissions info: It requires Internet to fetch definitions via the Wordnik API. There's no ads whatsoever. WordLookup allows you to view word definitions easily as you browse the web, and when using apps. It's like the popular Google Chrome extension Google Dictionary, but for Android!...

  • Morbid Death Calculator




    *if you like this app, please give it a rating and share!* Morbid Death Clock is a calculator app that calculates life expectancy for a given person. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, driving, and exercise can make the most impact on your life expectancy. Using statistics that are matched to...

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