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  • LegGalaxyJump




    From the series of 《LEG GALAXY JUMP》 games. This next instalment is for casual players who want to experience, playing a fast paced football game.Game has an excellent narrative, many surprises, and stimulating brain teasers. As a whole, contains carefully designed challenging levels, fresh and...

  • Darts 3D Pro




    Darts is Support both phone and pad, a The Double Battle for a showdown with a friend! This is a very interesting game of darts, the gameplay is simple, but very playable, you will experience the feeling of flying together with the darts for 3D graphics and dynamic sound. Went into the wonderful...

  • Jewels Miner




    The interesting game "Jewels Miner" has been released! the deepsea miner has special gameplay,in the game ,you will drive different machines to finish the missions,the role is very simle:control the hook to catch the jewels and achieve the target scores,then you can finish the...





    Passion Surfing is an exciting running game! You can experience the great feelings of surfing at the blending of the sky and the sea! You will get to know many different types of dangerous things! Use numerous interesting power ups! You can exchange for cool suits! Passion Surfing uses touch...

  • Run Away




    A crazy monster drives its fancy car to go for a ride! ! ! Run Away is an epic running game! ! ! Help the hero to go through 4 crazy worlds! ! ! And eat all heads to satisfy its hunger! ! ! The monster drive its car and jump to win! ! ! Run Away is a fast-paced side scrolling action game. Pass...





    A new Graffiti style stunt motorcycle riding game is here! ! ! Motorcycles Hero brings you into the world of real stunt motorcycle riding! ! ! Very challenging terrains! ! ! Simple and easy game control! ! ! Control the hero of the game – Tommy Bear to be the new master of motor! ! ! Motorcycles...

  • popStar it!HD




    The world's most popular "Star eliminate it" game shine landed! Classic gameplay so you let them, the new screen gives you a different experience. Star-studded world of open intellectual doors, gorgeous visual feast not miss! Game description Click through the touch screen game...

  • Darts 3D HD




    The darts game you loved most in your childhood hits android! Do you yearn the last and happy time? Now you can play darts on your phone! And enjoy finding long-lost happiness! You can fly with the dart! And battle with other players at the same time! This is a classic game! You move right and...

  • Passion Surfing




    "Passion Surfing" is a Parkour addictive game! You will experience the magnificence of the sky and the blue sea intersect mapped graceful! Exposed to different kinds of thrilling things! Using a variety of rich and interesting props! Can return for other cool suit! Fast foot on this...

  • Darts online




    Darts Online is a support network play darts! Play with simple operation, but very playable, the new online play feature allows you to play against friends around the world, come and experience Darts bring you the stimulation! Features: 1, support for multiple character selection; 2,301 501...

  • 5.0





    A badminton game with lot of potential

  • Badminton free




    ★ Apple's official App Store Sports New Products Games & popular game nowadays ★ ★ Google Play Sports Top 20 ★ Welcome to our badminton game is a very interesting fun game! Also has some challenging AI computer opponents are very strong!   This is the free version has all the features,...

  • Plumber-Thunder strike




    You are a pirate from the Caribbean who like to adventure Plumber. One day, you explore the dungeon of Tumen. Unfortunately, you have been caught and put into a big prison. You must open the gate and using the flood to escape from the MAZE. You will torture by electrical shock, if you have been...

  • Cat vs Dog - Deluxe Edition




    Cat vs Dog 猫狗大战 used as a classic game has been accompanied our growth. Now a new story and picture re classic. Synopsis: our protagonist of "Treasure Daren Tommy Dog" and "thief the zoe cat", one day Tommy finally in the dark continent to find legendary treasures, Zoe follow...

  • Backgammon




    Backgammon 五子棋 pure strategy is a two chess board games, chess and Go Universal, is one of the traditional Othello species originated in ancient China. Game features: 1. Ancient classical style 2. a variety of AI difficulty selection 3. Support Double Battle 五子棋 How to play: Two game, 五子棋...

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