Yume Apps

  • Swim Calculator




    Create, save, and view swim workouts easily with Swim Calculator! Easy to use interface that helps swim coaches save time creating workouts! *Automatically calculates distance SWIM WORKOUTS *Easy to save and email workouts for later use *Intuitive UI to help create a great workout *View workout...

  • Danmaku Implosion




    Tohou inspired top-down Japanese shooter (danmaku / bullet hell). Multiple levels, achievements, unlockables, and three difficulties. * No Ads, fully unlocked (Pay what you want)! * Eight boss fights * Immense bullet saturation * Rewarding scoring system * Slow mode * Unlockables How to play...

  • Learn English Now




    Learn English is specifically designed to teach kids how to read, spell, and identify English words through enjoyable and challenging games. Learn English is also designed for foreign learners to understand, identify, and spell English words. Parents can view their child's progress through...

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