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  • Learn English Now

    Learn English Now




    Learn English is specifically designed to teach kids how to read, spell, and identify English words through enjoyable and challenging games. Learn English is also designed for foreign learners to understand, identify, and spell English words. Parents can view their child's progress through...

  • Danmaku Initiate

    Danmaku Initiate




    Japanese inspired Bullet Hell shooter game! Fight your way through five levels and four difficulties with 15 unique boss fights! Four game modes to battle through: Arcade, Boss Mode, Boss Challenge, and Practice. Collect powerups, extra bombs, and unlock secrets in the Dark Forest, Deep Sea,...

  • Danmaku Sector 11 Free

    Danmaku Sector 11 Free




    Japanese-style top-down shooter (Danmaku / shmup)! Play as Aya in this action shooter to advance the ranks and protect the universe as an influx of wanders and terrors attack HQ and Sector 11. *3 attack types: Spread, Beam, Homing Mines. *Slow mode *Customizable relative-touch system How to...

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