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  • Danmaku Initiate

    Danmaku Initiate




    Japanese inspired Bullet Hell shooter game! Fight your way through five levels and four difficulties with 15 unique boss fights! Four game modes to battle through: Arcade, Boss Mode, Boss Challenge, and Practice. Collect powerups, extra bombs, and unlock secrets in the Dark Forest, Deep Sea,...

  • Danmaku Sector 11 Free

    Danmaku Sector 11 Free




    Japanese-style top-down shooter (Danmaku / shmup)! Play as Aya in this action shooter to advance the ranks and protect the universe as an influx of wanders and terrors attack HQ and Sector 11. *3 attack types: Spread, Beam, Homing Mines. *Slow mode *Customizable relative-touch system How to...

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