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  • True / False Logic Puzzle Game

    True / False Logic Puzzle Game


    True/False Puzzle Game is the logic solution for learning to solve logic problems,Solve puzzle games,Logic problems with Free Brain Games.Make impossible games

  • Quran + Tafsir + MP3

    Quran + Tafsir + MP3




    The Holy Al-Qur'an with Tafsir, MP3 Quran player with multi-lingual ttranslation and Madani Mashaf is a totally free downloadable application for Android devices. The Free Holy Qur'an with Tafsir, MP3 Quran, multi-lingual translation and Madani Mashaf is is an open source project and...

  • Currency Converter+Gold Rates

    Currency Converter+Gold Rates


    Currency Converter + Gold Rates is the leading currency exchange rate calculator including precious metals,Gold and Silver Rates. FREE Android App for latest Currency Exchange Rates,Gold Currency Rates, Silver Currency Rates, Precious Metals Exchange Rates, Live Rates,Money Rates,Commodity Rates,

  • Kids 123 Brain Training Games

    Kids 123 Brain Training Games


    Kids 123 Brain Training Games & Logic Games, a FREE puzzle game for young kids.To be more specific pre-school kids in particular will benefit from this King of minigames designed to give an early start to pre-school kids. An invaluable app packed full of delightful graphics and motivational...

  • Red Woody Bird

    Red Woody Bird


    Red Woody Action Game for the whole family. Help the Red Woody Bird fly and catch prizes and points on the way!

  • Hadith Collection Pro

    Hadith Collection Pro




    Amongst one of the best Islamic Apps on the Android market. What's more it is free. A treasure chest of "ilm" knowledge of the wisdom "sunah" of our beloved prophet s.a.w. A must have for a believer on the straight and narrow path of Islam interested in learning and...

  • Kids ABC FREE puzzle game

    Kids ABC FREE puzzle game




    Kids ABC FREE puzzle game is the perfect English language learning tool for young children and English language students alike offering a valuable resource rich android application bursting full with the letters of the English alphabet, phonics, drawing, color filling, joining dots, sequencing...

  • BubbleShooter FREE Puzzle Game

    BubbleShooter FREE Puzzle Game




    Bubble Shooter Puzzle Game is one of the most addictive puzzle game currently available for solving logic problems in minigames. Users love to download a FREE puzzle game from the Android market. This is one of the hotest trends right now! What seems like the impossible puzzle or impossible game...

  • 99 Names of Allah Revealer

    99 Names of Allah Revealer




    The exciting way to learn the 99 Names of Allah using fun quiz games. This version is complimentary to the other versions in our series of publications. The player can attempt to recognize the name of Allah by revealing more squares from the hidden tiles. He can also use his coins to reveal...

  • 99 Names of Allah Quiz

    99 Names of Allah Quiz




    Excellent learning tool to help test the the English translated and jumbled up meanings of the Arabic names of Allah.

  • 99 Names of Allah Memory Games

    99 Names of Allah Memory Games




    99 Names of Allah Memorizer is truly amongst the best Islamic Android memory games available. Regular use of brain games remarkably aids brain training which lead to greater confidence especially in solving of logic problems. Learning the 99 Names of Allah with meaning using our Memorizer game...

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