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Elevator Measurement

*** No ads inside *** How you ever wondered how fast your elevator is? How tall you building is? Then try new Elevator Measurement. Just go inside an elevator, prepare you phone, it can be in any position, press "Start" on the phone, don't move the phone and press a button on your elevator. Wait till the elevator stops and on your ph…

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Enigma Code

Uses German Enigma style cipher with three wheels. Here are represented by three boxes, where you can put number from 1 to 25. You will set the code, write message and press cipher. Then you will send new code and message to receiver. Receiver will paste the message, set code and press decipher. That is all. Enigma code was powerful code that last…

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Download GPS Compass GPS Compass icon
GPS Compass

*** No ads inside *** Your phone has no compass? Don't be sad and try our new GPS Compass. Works as normal compass, it only needs to see the sky to get GPS signal. You also have to walk a little bit to get the direction. If you have an idea how to improve this app, just send me an email!

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Download Easter Pagadi Easter Pagadi icon
Easter Pagadi

Looking forward to Easter? Let the preparation be and enjoy happy holiday atmosphere already now with the easter remake of nostalgic Nu Pagadi game.

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Download Simpad Simpad icon

*** No ads inside *** Do you want to take notes? Really simply? With no misleading functions? The use the Simpad!! I allows you to take notes, store them and send them by email. Also you can use the useful Undo button, to reverse unwanted changes. You can change size of text. If you have an idea how to improve this app, just send me an email!

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Download Linear Approximation Linear Approximation icon
Linear Approximation

*** No ads inside *** Need to approximate your measured data with a line? Just add x y coordinates and there will be the approximated line. Uses least squares linear regression. If you have an idea how to improve this app, just send me an email!

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Download FreePad FreePad icon

*** No ads inside *** Do you want to take notes? Do you want to write A LOT of notes? Are you missing pages in you Android notepad? You want to have something for free? Use the FreePad!! Great and very useful type of book notepad. You can create your own pages and write to the separately. If you make unwanted change, you can press Undo button.…

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Download Bit Adder Pro Bit Adder Pro icon
Bit Adder Pro

Here you can try how bits and are working. You can try to add two 4 bit number and see their binary result.

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Download Magic relaxation helper Magic relaxation helper icon
Magic relaxation helper

This application is using new scientific method to help you to relax. All conventional methods have one flaw, they "force" you to unconsciously do something. Watching this application will help you to completely relax. Application was specially developed to support all Android phones, tablets and even computers!

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