Download Stopwatch (Free of charge) Stopwatch (Free of charge) icon
Stopwatch (Free of charge)

It is a simple stopwatch! You start the measurement of the time with Start button, It is stopped with Stop button. When a stopwatch pushes the Start button from all over the stop, a stopwatch can reopen the measurement. A stopwatch is Reset button, and indication time returns to "00:00.00"!

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Download Piano (Free of charge) Piano (Free of charge) icon
Piano (Free of charge)

It is simple free application! There is not complicated operation and it starts and is usable immediately. Please use it as a little toy!

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Download Compass (Free of charge) Compass (Free of charge) icon
Compass (Free of charge)

・I know a direction! ・It is easy and I am operation-free and can confirm a direction! ・Because there is little memory capacity, this application is very easy for a terminal!

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Download Blockbreaker Blockbreaker icon

It is a free application game. I incline the terminal and move a bar.

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Download Sumo of the frog Sumo of the frog icon
Sumo of the frog

It is free game application Sumo of Japan!! I hurl myself and jump and fail a partner from the sumo ring.

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Download Timer (Free of charge) Timer (Free of charge) icon
Timer (Free of charge)

It is the simple timer within 15 minutes. I am very useful to measure short time. By alarm setting, a vibrator and a favorite sound, ringtone can set it.

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Download Tap a mole Tap a mole icon
Tap a mole

It is a free application game. Please tap a lot of moles before time. I play a game with a button "はじめる" and start! I start with a "もう一回" button again!

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Download Quick shot Quick shot icon
Quick shot

I shoot an enemy (tap it), and beat it! It is game over three times when I shoot a woman. Aim; high score!

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