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  • livin




    livin is the latest service by Zain that will let you enjoy watching live streaming TV channels in HD with a huge library of movies (Arabic and English) through your mobile or tablet. The application is available on iOS and Android devices. What do you like to watch today ? Zain brought to you...

  • زين الشهور




    Zain proudly presents Zain Alshuhoor app that assists worshipers perform their Islamic rituals during the Holy month of Ramadan App highlights include: - The holy Quran divided into 114 Surras. - Ramadan 2014 calendar (Imsakiya). - Selected prayers (Dua’a). - Exclusive daily spiritual teachings...

  • Zain KW




    The all new Zain App is here! The app has been engineered on the most advanced network in Kuwait to bring you closer to our wonderful world. • Pay your bill or recharge your number in two simple steps. • View a detailed record of all your calls, messages and Internet usage. • View your...

  • كبت بن صالح




    الهدف الرئيسي من اللعبة هو تثقيف وإثراء اللاعبين بالتراث والثقافة الكويتية وتحدي الذات كذلك. تدور أحداث اللعبة حول مساعدة يوسف بن صالح (الشخصية الرئيسية في اللعبة) للعثور على أصحاب أمانات تعود في الأساس إلى جده، ويحاول يوسف حل الألغاز للوصول لأصحاب الأمانات. كل ما عليك فعله هو الإجابة بشكل صحيح...

  • Ridlee+




    Ridlee+ benefits for you: • Missed call alerts with caller’s name and number when your phone is OFF or out of coverage. • Listening to unknown caller's voice when you do not respond to anonymous calls. • Sending missed call alert messages via e-mail so you can track your calls from any...

  • Zain Mobile TV




    Mobile TV service allows you to stream live selected TV channels to your mobile or computer through a Zain internet subscription. Streaming TV channels on your device will not affect your monthly Internet CAP.

  • Zain Zone




    Zain Zone offers various services for you to enjoy on your mobile device. You can get the latest news and fashion news, chat with your beloved friends, enjoy games, and enjoy many more services!

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