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  • زين الشهور

    زين الشهور




    هذا التطبيق يحتوي على باقة من الخدمات الخاصة بشهر رمضان المبارك مقدمة من شركة زين لعملائها الكرام مجانا ، حيث يتضمن العديد من الأعمال الخاصة بالشهر الكريم ملخصة كالآتي: 1- القرآن الكريم مقسم على 114 سورة. 2- إمساكية رمضان لسنة 2013. 3- أدعية مختارة. 4- محاضرات يومية حصرية متعلقة بشهر رمضان مع...

  • Treek





    Treek is a location based social hangouts and messaging tool, find new nearby friends sharing a drink or a bite or even share the same interest with you. Get notifications of nearby hangouts, check if your friends are already checked in a nearby hangout and join them. Find several products and...

  • Zain Mobile TV

    Zain Mobile TV




    Mobile TV service allows you to stream live selected TV channels to your mobile or computer through a Zain internet subscription. Streaming TV channels on your device will not affect your monthly Internet CAP.

  • Ridlee+





    Ridlee+ benefits for you: • Missed call alerts with caller’s name and number when your phone is OFF or out of coverage. • Listening to unknown caller's voice when you do not respond to anonymous calls. • Sending missed call alert messages via e-mail so you can track your calls from any...

  • Zain KW

    Zain KW




    Zain KW is the first Mobile operator app in Kuwait designed to bring people closer to Zain’s Wonderful World. The app has been developed for Zain and Non-Zain customers to easily communicate with Zain to receive the latest offers & promotions, detailed account balance information (for Zain...

  • Zain Zone

    Zain Zone




    Zain Zone offers various services for you to enjoy on your mobile device. You can get the latest news and fashion news, chat with your beloved friends, enjoy games, and enjoy many more services!

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