Zalivka Mobile

  • Podzalivka Editor




    Tools: Brush, eraser, circle, square, cutting from photo, saving as PNG

  • Drawing Cartoons FULL




    **THIS IS A FULL VERSION THAT INCLUDES ALL CONTENT AND ALL FEATURES** A perfect storytelling tool and a pivot animation app in your pocket. If you want to learn how to draw cartoons and become a filmmaker but have no time for professional tools, try this animation creator that is simple enough...

  • Draw Cartoons




    A cartoon making tool for creating comics and short animations. This pivot-like animator with stickman and memes is a perfect storytelling tool. You don't need to draw every frame to get smooth motions. Instead, you draw keyframes only and intermediate frames are built automatically. Assign...

  • DEMO-VERSION: I, Animator




    Just a demo of our new animation app for making real-time cartoons. The app will be kids-friendly and will help kids to learn art of film-making and storytelling. I, Animator enables kids to draw, animate and share their own cartoons. It teaches storytelling principles promotes creativity. Use...

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