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What's that rumbling sound? Uh oh. The mountain is erupting! It's 79 A.D. and Mount Vesuvius is blowing its stack. The Roman town of Herculaneum lies in the path of destruction. Thousands of people will be smothered in mud and hot ash unless the town can be evacuated. A ship is ready in the port, but can the people reach it in time? This i…

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Don't Bother Me!

Today is a bad day! My girlfriend sent me to hell, the boss gave me a good reprimand, the PC is broken and I lost all my data ... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Everyone has someone to complain about, they all have one person or a situation that stresses them. Now you can take your revenge! Your enemy is ready to hit you but your anger is about to explode! Fina…

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Italians Do It Better (Man)

Italians are famous all around the world for many things, but the most important Italian souvenir is it's people. Carry a touch of Italian romance with you, and listen whenever you want to sweet Italian love quotes. Now, with Italians Do It Better, you can dream of your Italian lover, when he softly whispered to you these same words of love. Us…

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