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  • 9.0

    ZDbox ( Root Task Killer )




    ZDbox is a comprehensive dashboard that displays useful info about your device

  • ZDAppLock(Applock,fake)




    ZDApplock is a security tool which helps you to protect your phone from annoying people by locking your applications from public access, only you will be able to unlock them again.

  • Alarm Pro




    Alarm clock, birthday reminder, timer, evernote... Easy to use, powerful, and free with no ads. Calendar, Wake up, Birthday, Anniversary, Credit, Rotating shifts, Medicine, Utilities, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, Custom, etc. ZDclock is a ringing evernote. With it,you don't...

  • 正点日历-万年历、黄历、生日、天气、农历、星座




    正点日历是一款为华人量身定做,集农历、节假日、提醒和记事于一身的手机日历应用。 超过5,000,000 人正在使用的免费手机日历App! 曾获荣誉 · 台湾、香港、澳门AppStore免费总榜第3 · 马来西亚AppStore免费总榜第6 效率类第1 · 豌豆荚设计奖 独特的多日历功能 · 生活、工作、生日等分别管理,轻松高效 主题图标记事,一键添加提醒 · 嫌手机输入麻烦?选择一个日期,即可快速添加提醒或记事,如同在台历上画圈圈一样简单 智能生日管家 · 支持从人人网、Facebook及手机通讯录导入好友生日,不再错过每一个重要的日子 正能量的启动封面 ·...

  • ZDBOX(Japan)




    2000万人以上の人々が現在ZDboxを使用しています。今、それらを結合します。 『ZDBOX』はあなたのスマフォンに——処理スピードより速く、バッテリーより長持ちに、より便利なアプリ管理、安全なプライベート保護、オリジナルモードも搭載、さらなる便利なウィジェットも満載! 機能紹介: ★ウィジェット:ワンタッチでオン/オフ! WiFi|機内モード|明るさ調節|着信音量|重力感応|Bluetooth|自動同期|2G\3Gネットワーク切替|アプリロック|GPS位置情報|APNスイッチ|懐中電灯|プロセス整理 ★バッテリー管理:バッテリー残量、使用可能時間;...

  • ZDbox(Free)




    The most popular system optimize toolbox with more than 20,000,000 users now. ZDbox is an amazing all-in-one toolbox.It can save your battery and boost your android running speed! Five stars in xda forum. ZDbox holds a collection of useful tools and has a nice and easy to use interface. With...

  • ZDcal-Calendar, Agenda, Period




    ===== The most popular calendar App with more than 5,000,000 users is now here on Android! ===== ZDcal(the team of ZDbox) brings Chinese Lunar,Almanac,Horoscope,Period Tracker and Agenda to your Android Phone,a perfect All-in-One Android calendar App. "Schedule Your Time with a Modern...

  • WIFI widget(One tap switch)




    One tap swich WIFI state One tap enter WIFI setting Show the Network name when WIFI connected More powerful tools provided in ZDBox,download free All-In-One ZDbox,monitor traffic and battery,one tap task killer,powerful app lock,more useful tools all in ZDbox.

  • Virgo clock widget




    Virgo, from August 23 to September 22,one of twelve constellations between Leo and Libra. Every girl is a princess. Our heroine is a lovely girl with gorgeous dresses. Put her on your phone screen. She can play with you. Double taps to see her lovely expressions. In addition, she is much more...

  • Leo Alarm Clock Widget




    I am Leo, born in July 23 to August 22,one of twelve constellations. I am a happy lively little lion with a lot of lovely movements and expressions. Put me on your phone screen. I can play with you. One tap to tickle me. Double taps to see my lovely expressions. In addition, I am much more than...

  • Alarm Clock for Android Pad




    ZDClock for Android Pad ★the year's most popular Android application for 2012 ★ 【This version apply to Android V1.6 and the above system】 --Make your efficient life easier with ZDClock HD for Android Pad-- ★ plug-ins You can refer to the calender,check the latest alarm,get schedule reminder...

  • 7.0

    ZDbox only for android 1.5




    ZDbox is a comprehensive dashboard that displays useful info about your device

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