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  • Hollywood Hospital 3

    Hollywood Hospital 3




    Emergency Call for the showbiz doctors! Manage the most glamorous hospital in the world. Accidents and mishaps keep plaguing Hollywood’s movie studios! Hot on the disaster trail, H!TV’s Priscilla Powers reports from film sets, as the hapless A-list victims are rushed to Dr Storm’s casualty...

  • Apphunter





    Download Apphunter for FREE and... DISCOVER: With Apphunter you can see what apps your friends have. Don’t forget to connect with your friends through Facebook. Invite them to install Apphunter to see what apps they are using and which ones they are downloading. FRIENDS RANKING: Explore your...

  • Candies City : The Battle

    Candies City : The Battle




    Save Candies City, a delicious peaceful paradise inhabited by tasty good-natured candies. After an incident at the factory, the city comes under attack from unpalatable sweets, known as Candy Beasts. Who will step up to protect the city? Join the Candy Supers; the hard boiled candy elite...

  • 4x4 Buggy Offroad Racing -Free

    4x4 Buggy Offroad Racing -Free




    If you're a fan of off-road racing, you’ve got to have it: the game ‘4×4 Buggy Off Road Racing’ will take you into a world where speed and competition are what counts, and a dirty car is something to be proud of! Try your hand at Free Race mode, and when you feel like a real pro, run...

  • Hollywood Hotel

    Hollywood Hotel




    Welcome to Hollywood Hotel: Star Retreat of the Famous and the Infamous. With a plot starring crazy celebs and featuring everything from presidential scandal to alien invasion, a stay at Hollywood Hotel is like no other. Run your hotel with a staff of celebrity oddballs including spoiled heiress...

  • Bubble Boom Challenge 3 - Free

    Bubble Boom Challenge 3 - Free




    Get ready for a bubble blasting mission! The sequel to one of the best selling mobile games ever! This is the bubble game that all others have tried to copy. Bubble bursting has never been so addictive and fun! Help Gary the Guinea Pig save the planet by exploding the colour hungry bubbles....

  • Hollywood Hospital 3 - Free

    Hollywood Hospital 3 - Free




    Accidents and mishaps keep plaguing Hollywood’s movie studios! Hot on the disaster trail, H!TV’s Priscilla Powers reports from film sets, as the hapless A-list victims are rushed to Dr Storm’s casualty department.

  • 2 in 1 Bubble Boom Challenge

    2 in 1 Bubble Boom Challenge


    Enjoy two best-selling games for the price of one! Bubble Boom Challenge - Move, dodge, think, be fast and make the bubbles explode to be the real Bubble Master! Once you start you just can´t stop playing. Bubble Boom Challenge 2 - Bubble Master is back to blast its way through new challenges !...

  • Prison Escape - Free

    Prison Escape - Free




    Prison break expert again in action. “Prison Escape” is a real challenge: you have to escape the chase covering miles of prison corridors. Multiple traps lurking on the way will test your agility, so learn to run like the wind and stay alert or you’ll get caught. Then if you’re not afraid of...

  • Bubble Bubble - Free

    Bubble Bubble - Free




    Imagine a better world! Transport yourself to a fantasy-filled world for a moment in the game Bubble Bubble. Three unique game modes will test your courage. Every world is different and requires different skills. Not everyone can be champion. Will you take up the challenge?

  • Zombie Slash - Free

    Zombie Slash - Free




    Zombie attack! The game Zombie Slash is a real hell in which you come face to face with hordes of zombies praying on your life. You will require agility and precision to avoid the many traps. Are you ready? Fire up the game Zombie Slash, grab the sword and save the world from a zombie apocalypse....

  • Ultimate Rally Champs 2 - Free

    Ultimate Rally Champs 2 - Free




    Look out! “Ultimate Rally Championships 2” are back, in an even better new edition! The test of the true driver awaits you ! Launch the Ultimate Rally Championships 2 game and pit yourself against the most demanding routes in the world.Race over the snows of Nepal, the gravel roads of India and...

  • Pang Remixed - Free

    Pang Remixed - Free




    "Blasting its way through time and space, your favourite 80's arcade classic is back with Pang Remixed. Travel back to 65 million years BC in darkest Africa or far away into the future on an orbiting space station to stop the invasion of bubbles that threaten life itself. Grab your...

  • Life Is A Love Story

    Life Is A Love Story




    Yours is a dull existence: nothing is too exciting, but there are no problems either. However, to get Aunt Divina’s fortune you need to find true love before Sunday…so there will be excitement and problems aplenty.

  • Commandos





    Take control of the Green Beret, the spy, the sniper and the sapper, using their skills to perform infiltration and sabotage missions in Germany, France, Norway and North Africa

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