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  • 3.0
    Bubble Boom Challenge

    Bubble Boom Challenge




    Tilt your phone and tr to match the colored balls

  • Bubble Boom Challenge 3

    Bubble Boom Challenge 3


    Get ready for a bubble blasting mission! The sequel to one of the best selling mobile games ever! This is the bubble game that all others have tried to copy. Bubble bursting has never been so addictive and fun! Help Gary the Guinea Pig save the planet by exploding the colour hungry bubbles....

  • Bubble Boom Challenge 2 - Free

    Bubble Boom Challenge 2 - Free




    Help, Gary's in trouble! Everyone's favourite guinea pig just escaped from his cage but there has been an accident in the laboratory, and bubbles are floating everywhere, ready to take over the world. Use your own mind-bending skills to use bubbles Gary has control over to make them...

  • Jungle League

    Jungle League


    Welcome to the greatest multi-sport event in the jungle. Play with different animal characters, qualify to compete in the Finals and compete with other animals to win the Jungle League. Find out who is the true king of the jungle! Compete in individual event Finals to get medals and set new...

  • Money Matcher

    Money Matcher


    Denny, an honest businessman, was doing well until his company was hit by global recession. His company went bust and he was left riddled with debts. After a lot of struggle and disappointment, a few of his friends agreed to help him financially. Help Denny make the calculations and get his...

  • Car Crash Racing 2

    Car Crash Racing 2


    Blast your way though obstacles and pile up your rival cars, but make sure of your survival. Get multiple weapons and nitro boost to clear you way to winning line. Multiple game mode will keep you addicted to this highly intense racing game. Make sure you collect points to unlock new tracks,...

  • Ingenius





    Exercise your brain with this mind teasing game. 8 mind-boggling brainteasers designed to keep your mind active and your senses sharp. Ingenius incorporates brain teasers that tests your capacity for memory, logic and calculation, as you solve puzzles that push your abilities further than you...

  • Planet51 Behind The Wheel

    Planet51 Behind The Wheel


    Help Chuck escape from Planet 51 by finding the lost parts of his ship. Drive through the incredible cities of Planet 51 with Lem and Chuck, ducking, running and making sure the police don’t catch you.

  • Planet51 On The Run

    Planet51 On The Run


    You are Captain Chuck Baker and you’ve just landed on Planet 51. You soon discover the green beings that inhabit it and think you’ve come to invade them. You’ll have to recover your ship in order to return home. Rover and your new friend, Lem, will help you.

  • 5 Star Games

    5 Star Games


    Travel the world, through fourteen countries, with great explorer The Puzzle Professor, looking for the greatest puzzle treasures the earth has to offer. Play five classic games including Checkers, Sudoku, 5 in a Row and Solitaire. Also includes fiendish bonus game Slitherlink. Meet adventurers...

  • Demon Killer

    Demon Killer




    In the not-too-distant future, a battle rages on between good and evil. Minions from an unearthly realm called Twilight invade our world day by day, while bold warriors known as Exophytes hold them back and prevent our total annihialation. One lone soldier, Neo, learns that his wife has been...

  • Animal Circus

    Animal Circus


    This is a Puzzle game and the game objective is to pile up animals together until they reach to a specific height. You’ll find a variety of animals with different state, size and characteristics, what you need to do is use their properties to keep the balance until the team arrived at a specific...

  • Car Crash Racing

    Car Crash Racing


    Rev up, lock 'n load and survive one of the most grueling competitions ever. Take your chance in the ultimate race across 6 locations around the world. Dodge bullets and rockets while pummelling your opponents in reckless abandon to achieve the best score and become number one. Swerve your...

  • Dragon Hunter

    Dragon Hunter




    Enter a fantasy world and master your sword and magic to defeat the dragon King of Devildom. Fight with demons and minions across 6 action packed levels, exploring forests, mountains, castles and more. Upgrade your magic and sword along the way as you challenge the underworld including its 7...

  • Danger Mouse

    Danger Mouse


    Baron Greenback has hatched yet another dastardly plan to take over the world - this time he's taken control of the world's weather and is turning the Earth into a single, gigantic pond. It's up to Danger Mouse, the world's greatest secret agent, and his trusty but timid...

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