Zed Worldwide SA

  • 2 in 1 Dragons & Demons


    Enjoy 2 amazing games for the price of 1! Battle against evil in 2 worlds with Dragon Hunter and Demon Killer In Demon Killer you join the battle that rages on between good and evil in the unearthly realm called Twilight. Battle a variety of enemies across multiple eras and unleash devastating...



    Insult your friends and enemies with this hilarious app! Generate thousands of different insults to use on people you don't like, and stump those who have no idea what you're talking about. Save your top ten insults to use over and over again. Enjoy some great fun with 4 wonderfully...

  • 2 in 1 Bubble Blaster




    "Enjoy two best-selling games for the price of one! In the award winning Blast Blox, get ready for brick shattering, fire crackling, and addictive arcade puzzle action. A wonderful and revolutionary puzzle game. Bubble Boom Challenge - Move, dodge, think, be fast and make the bubbles explode...

  • Bacterium


    Bad bacteria are everywhere!Ready to defend good cells from bad? Travel through a ravaged body battling bad viruses, nasty bugs and pesky germs in over 60 glorious puzzling levels.Spread your healthy powers across vulnerable and innocent cells in a variety of levels in Therapy Mode, preventing...

  • 2in1 Love Stories




    Enjoy two games for the price of one with a romantic double-bill packed with adventure, passion and lovable characters. Welcome to Hollywood Hotel: Star Retreat of the Famous and the Infamous. With a plot starring crazy celebs and featuring everything from presidential scandals to alien...

  • Bubble Boom Challenge 2




    Help, Gary's in trouble! Everyone's favourite guinea pig just escaped from his cage but there has been an accident in the laboratory, and bubbles are floating everywhere, ready to take over the world. Use your own mind-bending skills to use bubbles Gary has control over to make them...

  • Blast Blox




    Get ready for brick shattering, fire crackling, and addictive arcade puzzle action. Blast Blox, a wonderful and revolutionary new puzzle game. This addictive falling-block puzzler tests your responses and tactics as you create instant reactions to transform blocks from bricks to water that drains...

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