Zeeshan A Zakaria

  • Guess Countries Flags




    A simple game which shows you flag of a randomly selected country and asks you to guess which country's flag is it from a list of choices. You are awarded points based on in how many attempts you guess country's name. Fun to play while increasing your general knowledge.

  • Life Log 24




    How many times it happens that we try to remember something from a previous day, week, month or year, but can't. Small little details of everyday life which matter, get forgotten with time. And once lost in time, there is no way to recover them. This simple looking but very powerful app...

  • The Rideshare App




    Latest rides from many major cities, updated daily. A simple yet powerful app to offer rides and search for rides. This app has a nice and easy to use interface. If you are offering a ride, simply input your pickup and drop destination, time of travel, some details about the trip and contact...

  • Syncodo




    A simple yet powerful app to organize your todos, notes, shopping list, ideas, bookmarks, wishlist and daily markers. Setup priorities, mark todo and other items as in-progress or completed. For added safety and security, the app can sync its information with the remote servers and encrypt it....

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