Satellite Director replaces the compass to locate a TV satellite. Set or enter the GPS location, select the TV satellite and point your phone to the sky to target (find) the TV satellite. You have found the satellite when the white ball is in the white circle and the cyan ball is in the cyan circle. Align, in azimuth, the offset arm of the satellite dish with the cyan arrow on the phones display and the satellite dish is aligned with the satellite. Selectable audio tone, camera preview, continuous mode (no pauze) and color pickers may make it easier for you to find the TV satellite (Astra, HotBird,...etc: up to 300 Satellites). It replaces the compas you used to use. Minimum Requires: An Andriod device with embedded compas.


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Satellite Director

Finding a TV satellite or an antenna, in azimuth, can be pretty difficult. Before you can find it with a compass you have to do some calculations using GPS location, magnetic variation, compass azimuth and satellite azimuth. Satellite Director replaces all of that. See tips to success below. Português: Telefones sem bússola não pode baixar este a…

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Satellite Locator

Finding a TV satellite, in azimuth, can be pretty difficult. With this app you do not need a compass, just two (2) GPS locations, from the satellite dish and a target, is enough. Finding the satellite depends on how accurate the GPS locations are (the phone or from Google Earth/Maps) and how accurate and steady you can aim the phone to the target.…

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Satellite Director NG

Before buying this app: have you tried the free version ? If you cannot install the free version your phone does not have a compass, which is required for the director or pointing function in this app. Check "Satellite Locator" which uses GPS locations to find a satellite. This app is simular to the free Satellite Director but has additi…

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ErrorsBySensors (Beta)

While making Satellite Director I discovered that the sensors are not as accurate as one might expect. This app measures the roll and pitch errors with respect to the screen and camera in the horizontal and vertical plane. But is the camera wrong or the roll and pitch (sensor orientation) or the screen or the phones casing ? It probably adds all up…

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