Zell Enterprises

  • FeedMe (Restaurant finder)




    Hungry? Find food fast! Upgrade your restaurant search experience. Don’t look to only one source for information when now you can search them all at once! FeedMe is powered by factual.com, the only restaurant data provider to include over 1.2 million U.S. restaurants from over 40 different...

  • Bird Songs




    Explore a variety of bird calls with this Soundboard, all taken from live field-recordings. For each call, you can listen, set as a ringtone, or share via email. App2SD supported (Froyo, 2.2 and higher). Permissions used (and why): INTERNET -- Used by the App to access ads ACCESS NETWORK...

  • Animal Sounds (Free)




    Explore a variety of animal calls with this Soundboard. 32 animal calls are included; for each you can listen, save as a ringtone, or send to friends. Supports install/move to SD card (Froyo (2.2) and higher). Included animals: Alligator Bear Bee Boar Camel Chicken Chimpanzee Cicada Cow Coyote...

  • Baby Sounds & Ringtones




    A Baby Sounds Soundboard that allows you to select from the 27 sounds you enjoy and use them for Ringtones/Notifications, or share them with friends. Hold down (long press) the button for the sound you want to save or send to a friend. Supports install/move to SD card (Froyo). 1.3.1 - UI...

  • Informant




    Wearing a wire was never so easy! Informant turns your Android phone into a covert eavesdropping device — it can start recording any audio it hears immediately, or can be scheduled to start recording in advance (never get busted “playing with your phone” in a meeting to start recording). You can...

  • DIY Soundboard




    Create soundboards with sounds from your phone or Freesound.org's library of 87,000+ sounds! Customize sounds, images, and colors; save sounds as ringtones. Free version: limit of 3 soundboards, no images for each sound, ad-supported. License key available to unlock all features and remove...

  • Pocket Full of Arms:Soundboard




    Military soundboard, containing 39 gun and other weapon sounds that can also be saved as Ringtones. Long press any sound to save as a ringtone, or send the sound to a friend. With thanks to the contributors of freesound.org and public domain, all sounds live recordings. Supports install/move...

  • Attention Grabber




    More than a normal soundboard, press any sound and it continues to play as long as you hold your finger on it. Air horn, vuvuzela, fog horn, referee whistle, model A horn, party horn, train whistle, and machine gun sounds. All perms requested are for ads. 1.0.4 - bug fix and library update

  • aBlackBook




    aBlackBook is a lifesaver for people who have active dating lives (on or offline); use aBlackBook to keep track of the who/when/wheres of your dating life. Ad-supported; ad-removal key available. Please email dev with any questions or suggestions.

  • Shut the Dock Up!




    Automatically turns off the ringer when your phone is placed in the desktop/multimedia dock, and restores it when removed. (Not a Locale plug-in.)

  • Lease Calculator




    Asks straight-forward questions and calculates the costs involved with any vehicle lease offer. Use to confirm the figures the car dealer provides, to compare offers from different dealers, or to figure out your own leasing budget. Includes an option to share results via email.

  • DIY Soundboard License Key




    This is ONLY the license key, please install the free version of DIY Soundboard before purchasing. Unlocks all features on DIY Soundboard, including unlimited soundboards, custom images for each sound, removal of all ads. Please email dev for feedback/support.

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