• Happy Running

    Happy Running




    Go! Go! Go! Super piggy, on the way to explore and hunt for treasure ... Story summary: A long time ago, there is a mysterious treasure in old orient. Its wealth allows a country to become the richest country. In order to obtain this treasure, the King of every country has sent their best...

  • ButtonLink





    You may Played the kinds of link games, but you should not have seen all the buttons link. Do not look dazzled "button link". everyone will work together to challenge it. The new touch screen sliding eliminate 24 kinds of button styles, all kinds of wacky effects and obstacles, cartoon...

  • crayon falling ball

    crayon falling ball




    A very ordinary paper,A cartoon character,Seven different color balls,10 unexpected props,On the millions of players around the world Make up this super fun falling ball games. Highlights: 1, Colorful style 2, 10 unexpected props 3, Humorous character design 4, Global ranking system 6,Additional...

  • zombieRun





    Over 1 Million downloads around the world, the best on the Google Play falling ball game entirely new introduction. Integrate all versions of the advantages. Performance optimization again. Adapt to a variety of resolution phone. Highlights: 1, Popular,retro pixel style, 2,10 unexpected props 3,...

  • zooLink





    Are you playing Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Draw something, Plant vs. Zombies, Where’s my water and Jewels? NO! NO! NO! YOU R OUT! NOW , Zendroid push out a new wonderful game ZOO LINK can give you a very big surprise. Come to enjoy it…. Features ✪ 100+ cute and clever cartoon images. Include...

  • Hop Rabbit

    Hop Rabbit




    do you remember the Hop Rabbit who breaks the vow that we promise N Times to stop playing even if the eyes grow dim ,the feet feel numb ? do you remember the Hop Rabbit who drives us like crazy to repeat the numbers ,click the mouse all day long ? go to experience and enjoy the eternal happy...

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