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  • WiCall : VoIP call, Wifi call




    WiCall is the cheapest VoIP service for national and international calls. Mobile VoIP has never been that easy. Use your Wifi or data plan (3G/4G) to make VoIP calls with your android phone or tablet. The App doesn't use any minute of your mobile service provider. When you call, WiCall...

  • call Europe




    "The cheapest way for calling european countries on the market" Make calls to Europe at unbelievable rates (Paris, Madrid, London, Roma, ...) call Armenia for 13 ¢/min USD (0.099 €/min) : Yerevan ... call Austria for 2.4 ¢/min USD (0.018 €/min) : Vienna (Wien) ... call Belgium for...

  • call arab countries




    "The cheapest way to call arab countries" Algeria | Bahrain | Comoros | Djibouti | Egypt | Iraq | Jordan | Kuwait | Lebanon | Libya | Mauritania Morocco | Oman | Palestine | Qatar | Saudi | Somalia | Sudan | Syria | Tunisia | Yemen.. call Egypt for 11.8 ¢ USD /min (0.80 EGP/min) :...

  • call Asia




    "the cheapest way to make call to Asia" Make calls to Asia at unbelievable rates (Shanghai, Mumbai, Delhi, Seoul...). call China for 1.9 ¢/min (0.12 CNY /min) : 广州 Guangzhou, 上海 Shanghai, 北京 Beijing, 汕头 Shantou, 深圳 Shenzhen, 天津 Tianjin, 东莞 Dongguan, 杭州 Hangzhou, 香港 Hong Kong, 武汉...

  • Call America




    "The best app to make cheap calls to north and south america!" Make calls to America (North America and South America) at unbelievable rates. Cheaper than with calling cards / phone cards. USA, Canada, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay,...

  • Mobile VoIP phone, Save money!




    "Best Android Voip Service with incredible rates" Wifi calling has never been as easy. Download our app and start calling over Wifi (voip calls). Your calls are not going through your regular operator but over your internet connexion. Call over wifi and save on your phone bill with...

  • Call Africa




    Make calls to Africa or from Africa at a discounted price. Algeria, Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda , Zambia, ... Turkey at 3.5 ¢ USD/min (0.06...

  • Wi-Fi Voip: make VOIP calls




    Make VoIP calls over a wifi connection (or 3G). Forget roaming fees. Wi-FI VoIP lets you make cheap calls to national or international destinations. Save on your mobile phone costs right away, by using this voip calls app! Simply install our Wi-FI VoIP app. It comes with test credits to make...

  • Nicer - Call any Phone




    Call any Phone with "Nicer" for cheap! "Nicer" is the simplest and best app to make cheap internet calls. Calls are made over your Wifi (VoIP) connection (no airtime being used). Check the incredible rates in the application. This service does not cover calls to emergency...

  • Tablet Calling




    Make calls with your android Tablet. You can use your HTC, Xoom, samsung galaxy, ... to make very cheap calls. Check our the incredible rates in this app optimized for your tablet. This app is using your tablet Wifi connection to make calls. The service does not cover calls to emergency phone...

  • WiCall Business - HQ Call




    WiCall Business - High quality Internet phone calls. WiCall Business offers the same functionality and ease of use to make Internet phone calls as WiCall which has reached over 4 million users within 9 months. But once a call reaches our nearest server, it is directly connected to the public...

  • 4.3

    Voice changer calling




    Voice Changer Calling allows you to tease your friends by calling them with a weird voice

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