• Arkanoid Defense HD




    Welcome to the ultimate Arkanoid HD Remix Addictive Arkanoid Classic Remake mixed with tower defense and shoot em up elements. Catch the ball with your space defender to destroy different incoming structures. Tons of upgrades, options and content. Enjoy the new noval and mixed game modes, play...

  • MultiTimer 2015


    Free 6x MultiTimer and Stopwatch Use this new Multitool as daily little helper with six asynchronous timer slots and special functions. Tons of possible applications where you need more than one timer! ***** Raids and Bossfights in massive online multiplayer games (mmorpg) ***** Workouts,...

  • Arkadroid Defense


    Welcome to AD, the addictive arcade ball game mixed with tower defense and shoot em up elements. Catch the droneball with your defender bat to destroy incoming structures. Enjoy the new noval, mixed or classic game modes or create your own. Join now and fight for leaderboard positions, unlock...

  • BEATS 2 Freestyle App




    BEATS 2 - MAX EDITION - FREESTYLE INSTRUMENTALS - ALL STYLES Loudness maximized! ***** 1 Button to play selected or Random Freestyle Instrumentals ***** 30 new unheard Freestyle Instrumentals (60 in PRO version) ***** loop and mix mode, effects for MCs and DJs ***** 100% free, no in app...

  • 2 Player Versus




    The ultimate free versus challenge 2014 for 2 players Compete with your friends in four different multiplayer games in this new 2-player duel game. Test your speed and your reflexes in this fun app and duel your friends. Play 1 vs 1 and improve your reaction time! Mix Gamemodes and pick items to...

  • Electroshocker Zero 2014




    Electroshocker Zero 2014 is a extreme loud virtual electro Shocker, Taser / Stungun with over 50 possible sound combinations, screen and haptic effects. Use it as additional security tool or even for fun as joke / scare / prank tool. - NEW! Over 50 possible sound combinations - NEW! Vibration...

  • Holiday Checklist




    Time for Holidays! To be sure nothing is forgotten, download the free "Holiday Checklist" App. Swipe completed and wrapped things through easily and keep track of your luggage. The checklist is stored on your phone and kept safe even if battery loss. The entries can be edited to create...

  • Happy Birds




    New features! ***** Create your own Bird! - choose color, lips, eyes, extas and more! Choose one of 7 different Birds or create your own Bird and fly by tapping the screen. Try to evade all obstacles and fly as far as possible! Simple and fast one finger touch controls and 3 different Game...

  • BEATS Freestyle Instrumentals




    BEATS - RAP FREESTYLE INSTRUMENTALS Check out this new Freestyle Rap / Hip Hop App with over 30 (60 in PRO version) Freestyle Beatz / Instrumentals! Perfect App for any Freestyle Session! No DJ? No Problem! Press PLAY on the virtual Turntables and kick some rhymes over lopped or random mpc beats...

  • 2 Player Versus Pro


    The ultimate challenge for two players Compete with your friends in four different games in this new 2-player game. Test your speed and your reflexes in this app and duel your friends. - 4 different games - Speed ​​tap - Reaction test - Challenging Mix Mode - Bonus items and much more!

  • Wing Zero Shmup




    Bullet Hell Power Up Shmup mixed with RPG elements. Wing Zero features Level Up & Damage Systems, 1 Finger Touch Controls, unlockable Weapons, Skills, Screen FX and more. You have 3 different Wings to select with a 100 point Skilltree to maximize damage, speed, durability and firemodes of...

  • Bit Boat Challenge




    Welcome aboard! Bit Boat Challenge is a easy to learn, fast & addictive Pixel Art Summer Game for everyone. - Easy and quick Controls - NEW 2 Boats / Ships to unlock! - Addictive and unique Gameplay - GooglePlay online Leaderboards and Achievements - Retro Style 8 Bit Game and BGM - Evade...

  • Football Fan App - Brazil 2014




    The new Allround Soccer Sports Fan App is here! The perfect app for every sports fan! Celebrate your team and fire at you with suitable stadium and horn sounds! For each sound, the virtual soccer moves in your app for additional mood! Be ready for the Fifa World Cup 2014 in Brazil or on live TV...

  • SKY STEEL - Heavy Wings




    SKY STEEL - Heavy Wings is a HUGE side scrolling arcade style Shmup with rpg elements, quick&simple controls, tons of weapons, fire-modes, upgrades, enemies and stages! Features ***** 7 Wolds, Unlimited Stages and Tons of visible Upgrades ***** Critical Hits, Damage System, Level-Ups &...

  • Electroshocker




    ***** NEW! Over 50 possible sound combinations ***** NEW! Double, Boost, Clip and Pitch function ***** NEW! Scare Prank Timer countdown ***** Adjustable volume and screen effects ***** Up to 7 sounds to choose from Electroshocker Zero is a virtual Tazer / Stungun with over 50 possible sound...

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