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Happy Birds

Choose one of 7 different Birds or create your own and fly by tapping the screen. Try to evade all obstacles and fly as far as possible! Simple and fast one finger touch controls and 3 different Game Styles to select Customize your levels in easy and classic mode, or try the new extreme mode with moving obstacles. Compete online with thousands of…

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Download BEATS Freestyle Instrumentals BEATS Freestyle Instrumentals icon
BEATS Freestyle Instrumentals

BEATS - RAP FREESTYLE INSTRUMENTALS Check out this new App with over 30 (60 in PRO version) Beatz / Instrumentals! Perfect App for any Freestyle Session! No DJ? No Problem! Press PLAY on the virtual Turntables and kick some rhymes over lopped or random mpc beats and others! Use your Mobile Speakers for a session without microphones or connect your…

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Download Kiss Trainer Kiss Trainer icon
Kiss Trainer

The ultimate new Kiss app. Free and unlimited, perfect Fun for this winter! Kiss fun for everyone! Test your Skills or simply learn how to Kiss with this new app. 20 sensitive Sensors measure your Kiss for a detailed Rating and improvement Hints! Prepare for your Love, challenge your friends or kiss just for fun! - NEW Join "The Worlds Best…

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Download 4 Player Reaction 4 Player Reaction icon
4 Player Reaction

Compete up to 4 friends on one device or play the new online Mode. Test your Speed online versus players around the world and fight for leaderboard positions! Test and optimize your reaction speed! Play alone or challenge with up to 3 Friends on one mobile device. Join the ultimate 4 Player Tap Reactor fun and join for tournaments, family fun, dri…

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Download Wing Zero Shmup Wing Zero Shmup icon
Wing Zero Shmup

Bullet Hell Power Up Shmup mixed with RPG elements. Wing Zero features Level Up & Damage Systems, 1 Finger Touch Controls, unlockable Weapons, Skills, Screen FX and more. You have 3 different Wings to select with a 100 point Skilltree to maximize damage, speed, durability and firemodes of each weapon. Change Wing Shield and Bullet Mode during t…

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Download SKY STEEL - Heavy Wings SKY STEEL - Heavy Wings icon
SKY STEEL - Heavy Wings

SKY STEEL - Heavy Wings is a HUGE side scrolling arcade style Shmup with rpg elements, quick&simple controls, tons of weapons, fire-modes, upgrades, enemies and stages! Control 2 Wings of Choice and carry the modified energy core to the invader core to unlock new worlds. Gain Experience Points to permanent Level Up and unlock Skill-points for…

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Download Electroshocker Zero Electroshocker Zero icon
Electroshocker Zero

Electroshocker Zero is a extreme loud virtual electro Shocker, Taser / Stungun with over 50 possible sound combinations, screen and haptic effects. Use it as additional security tool or even for fun as joke / scare / prank tool. - NEW! Over 50 possible sound combinations - NEW! Vibration - haptic effect - NEW! Double, Boost, Clip, Distortion and…

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Download Wing Zero 2 SHMUP Wing Zero 2 SHMUP icon
Wing Zero 2 SHMUP

Fast paced Bullet Hell Action SHMUP - 100% Free and unlimited - NO inApp purchases! Select your Wing Zero Fighter and Power Up to survive over 20 Worlds full of different Enemy types in a variety of Air Attack - Land and Sea Battles! Enjoy Skills, Permanent Upgrades and Epic Boss Fights in this ultimate addictive, fast paced Sky War Game! Change b…

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Download Wing Zero 2 - Sky Battle Wing Zero 2 - Sky Battle icon
Wing Zero 2 - Sky Battle

New power-ups and user interfaces! ! ! Vivid sound effect and lifelike graphics! ! ! More realistic and thorough gaming experience! ! ! Don’t hesitate! Just download it! Sky battle is a high-profile flight shooting game. The most popular flight shooting game on android is here! ! ! It is not the same with this kind of games before! ! ! The story…

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Download BEATS 2 Freestyle App BEATS 2 Freestyle App icon
BEATS 2 Freestyle App

BEATS 2 - MAX EDITION - FREESTYLE INSTRUMENTALS - ALL STYLES - Loudness maximized! The perfect app for outdoor freestyle sessions, using your handy or tablet speakers! This version contains boosted and optimized audio files for small mobile speakers and high quality audio systems! Check out this new Freestyle Rap / Hip Hop / Raggae / Riddim App w…

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