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ZB Baby Gender Predictor

****** This application has been Awarded with "5 stars Reviewers' choice!" by FileDir.com ****** 'ZB Baby Gender Predictor' tries to predict the Gender of a Baby as per the Chinese Gender Prediction chart. History says that Chinese Gender Prediction Chart was buried in a royal tomb near Beijing in 13th Century. The original c…

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Download ZB EnglishToKannada Dictionary ZB EnglishToKannada Dictionary icon
ZB EnglishToKannada Dictionary

This Dictionary Utility provides meaning for the English words in Kannada language (An official spoken language in the state of Karnataka,India). The meanings are displayed both in UTF form and also in Transliteration form. If the device/phone supports UTF, user can see the Kannada script. Otherwise user can read only the Transliteration form.

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Download ZB Interest Calculator ZB Interest Calculator icon
ZB Interest Calculator

ZB Interest Calculator tool used for computing Simple and Compound interest based on number of days, months and years or based on date range. Compound interest can be cumulative by daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. It generates a report with interest computed for each year till the end date/maturity.

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Download ZB Cupid Love Calculator-Free ZB Cupid Love Calculator-Free icon
ZB Cupid Love Calculator-Free

Wondering about how compatible are you with your Girl/Boy Friend or with your Wife/Husband or with Your Secret Crush?!!! Here is our 'ZB Cupid Love Calculator' in which Cupid tells you about the Love Compatibility between you two! This is based on Astrology and uses Sun Signs. You can enter either the Sun signs directly or the birth days…

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Download ZB Auto LPG Station Locator ZB Auto LPG Station Locator icon
ZB Auto LPG Station Locator

ONLY FOR INDIAN CITIES/TOWNS ZB Auto LPG Station Locator tool is used for locating the auto LPG gas stations situated across different cities/towns in India. If the device is connected to Internet, tool checks for latest data on the server. In case the data on server is latest than that of the device, tool downloads the data and keeps it on the d…

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Download ZB ABC Learner For Kids -Free ZB ABC Learner For Kids -Free icon
ZB ABC Learner For Kids -Free

This is a Learner game for Pre-School going Kids. It helps the kids to learn identifying English Alphabets and Numerals. It Displays randomly placed 1) English Alphabet - Capital Letters 2) English Alphabet - Small letters or 3) Numerals (0 to 9) On the screen board and asks the Kid to search for a particular Alphabet/Numeral. It is really fun f…

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