Zhi Xiong

  • SAF NRIC Barcode Generator




    Forget to bring your 11B, Driving License or NRIC(For those ORD-ed) when you go cookhouse? Fear not! Just enter your NRIC into this easy interface and your NRIC barcode will appear, you can then scan as per normal! Disclaimer: Application is not linked to Singapore Armed Forces in anyway, its...

  • Charter-a-Bus




    This app allows you to send enquiries regarding chartering/hiring a bus/coach in Singapore for purposes such as: 1) Regular corporate transport (eg office executives, workers) 2) Tour groups visiting Singapore 3) Local events/functions 4) Weddings 5) School excursions 6) Airport...

  • Monopoly Deal Cheat




    These are the cards that are in monopoly deals card game, listed here to help you find out how many cards of the kind is out. I know this information is on the instruction sheet, but you won't be able to view it discreetly, unlike this app! =D This app includes support for App2SD and Galaxy...

  • SGNumbers - Singapore Apps




    The most comprehensive list of handy and important numbers for users in Singapore. Includes: Food/Beverages Ordering Numbers Taxi/Cab Numbers Cinema/Sistic/Ticketcharge Ticket Booking Numbers Hospital/A&E Numbers Police Division/NPC/NPP Numbers Help line numbers Telco Numbers Bank Cards...

  • SGTrains - Singapore Apps




    The most comprehensive app for travellers of Singapore MRT Singapore, providing features such as locating stations in Google Map, calculating travel time and a full MRT system map. Useful to both locals and foreigners Part of the series of local Singapore Apps(SGNumbers, SGTrains, SGPools,...

  • Poke Your Screen




    A simple game to see how fast you can poke your screen! Playing suggestion: This game can be used as a drinking/forfeit game. The number of difference in pokes between the winner and each of the loser is how much the losers have to drink or execute a forfid! Now supporting Samsung Galaxy...

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