Zhi Xiong

  • Charter-a-Bus





    This app allows you to send enquiries regarding chartering/hiring a bus/coach in Singapore for purposes such as: 1) Regular corporate transport (eg office executives, workers) 2) Tour groups visiting Singapore 3) Local events/functions 4) Weddings 5) School excursions 6) Airport...

  • Monopoly Deal Cheat

    Monopoly Deal Cheat




    These are the cards that are in monopoly deals card game, listed here to help you find out how many cards of the kind is out. I know this information is on the instruction sheet, but you won't be able to view it discreetly, unlike this app! =D This app includes support for App2SD and Galaxy...

  • SGPoolsSports - Singapore Apps

    SGPoolsSports - Singapore Apps




    App to check Singapore Pools Sportings Betting Odds(Football, Racing)! Zoom Control Enabled for better readability. Supporting Samsung Galaxy Tab! Check out my 'SGPools' app for 4d/toto/sweep results checking! Application primarily tested on a HTC HD2 Gingerbread Android Build....

  • SGNumbers - Singapore Apps

    SGNumbers - Singapore Apps




    The most comprehensive list of handy and important numbers for users in Singapore. Includes: Food/Beverages Ordering Numbers Taxi/Cab Numbers Cinema/Sistic/Ticketcharge Ticket Booking Numbers Hospital/A&E Numbers Police Division/NPC/NPP Numbers Help line numbers Telco Numbers Bank Cards...

  • SGTrains - Singapore Apps

    SGTrains - Singapore Apps




    The most comprehensive app for travellers of Singapore MRT Singapore, providing features such as locating stations in Google Map, calculating travel time and a full MRT system map. Useful to both locals and foreigners Part of the series of local Singapore Apps(SGNumbers, SGTrains, SGPools,...

  • SGPools - Singapore Apps

    SGPools - Singapore Apps




    App to check Singapore Pools TOTO/4D/Sweep current/past results, and winning location for TOTO! Zoom Control Enabled for better readability! Check out my 'SGPoolsSports' app for singapore pools sports(Football/racing) odds! Now supporting Samsung Galaxy Tab! Application primarily...

  • Poke Your Screen

    Poke Your Screen




    A simple game to see how fast you can poke your screen! Playing suggestion: This game can be used as a drinking/forfeit game. The number of difference in pokes between the winner and each of the loser is how much the losers have to drink or execute a forfid! Now supporting Samsung Galaxy...

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