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  • Great Bubble Shooter free

    Great Bubble Shooter free




    Great, amazing and addictive bubble shooting free game! This is a classic bubble shoot match three game. Shoot bubbles to match colors a try to make the biggest score. The Great Bubble Shooter is a great fun! Try this very exciting and challenging free game! How to play: Tap screen to aim! Stop...

  • Color Balls

    Color Balls




    It is classic Color Lines game and one of the most interesting and addictive puzzle game! This is a very fun and easy game to play but hard to master! Your task is to score as many points as possible by making lines of one color balls (5 or more) in any direction. Move balls to make vertical,...

  • Ice cream shop cooking game

    Ice cream shop cooking game




    Ice Cream shop cooking game is fun game where you serve ice creams. This game is designed for your mobile device. How to Play: - Tap and move waffle, ice cream (1 or 2 or 3 scoop), and coating - Tap and move your comple Ice cream to customers' orders Make this fast as possible. Features:...

  • Room escape game

    Room escape game




    Room is a new escape game. Your task is escape from house. You must exploring rooms, use some items and more to fill your task. This addictive game improve your brain! Features: - cartoon graphics - great gameplay - optimized for smartphones and tablets (HD & non HD) - user friendly...

  • Temple





    The Temple is a addictive brain and puzzle game, where your task is to destroy all the fields on the screen. To complete this task you have to rack your brain and deal with 80 levels. They all levels have interesting graphics and very good music. The Temple is a game with levels of rising...

  • Gun shooting

    Gun shooting




    This is the great Gun shooting game (with hd graphics and online high score)! This addictive game improve your skills! Practice your gun shooting skills and become a master of the world! Grab this game a show who is the best Gun Shooter! How to play: Tap to shoot (try to shooting faster to grab...

  • Archer bow shooting

    Archer bow shooting




    This addictive game improve your skills! Practice your bow shooting skills and become a master of the world! Grab a Archer bow shooting game a show who is the best archer! This is the best archery game (with hd graphics, statistics, achievements and online high score) you can get! How to play:...

  • Break the blocks

    Break the blocks




    Break the Blocks is a match two game. This is another implementation one of famous ball game, called Same Game. Your task is a remove a certain number of blocks. Tap two or more blocks of the same type to destroy them. Features: - great HD graphics - music and fx effects - unlimited levels -...

  • Shooting Balloons Games

    Shooting Balloons Games




    This addictive game improve your skills! Practice your shooting skills and become a master! Grab a Shooting Balloons game a show who is the best shooter! How to play: Tap to shoot. Features: - HD high quality graphics - great gameplay - optimized for smartphones and tablets (HD & non HD) -...

  • Escape from House Garden

    Escape from House Garden




    It's time to escape from dangerous house garden! Can you escape? You are a small creature and you're really scared! You must jump and avoid all adversity! Try to house garden escape in tons of cartoon animations! Run on 18 level and get small amounts of failure! Game features: -...

  • Teeter Slope Puzzle

    Teeter Slope Puzzle




    Teeter Slope puzzle is a classic fun brain teaser tilt game (no arcade elements). Your objective is a put all green balls to the black hole. If you put gray ball to hole you lose. Click on the border of board to tilt the board and balls are moving. Ball stop on the wall. If you want, you can...

  • Match 3 Balance

    Match 3 Balance




    Match 3 Balance is a new look for match 3 game type. This addictive balance game improve your skills! Collect three blocks in one color for get point. But look for platform! Balance it! The game ends when the blocks is out of the platform! Match 3 balance is a good game for you! Game features: -...

  • Sketch tower

    Sketch tower




    Sketch Tower is a great game! Arrange the blocks to build the highest tower. Remember your tower must be stable. Try to beat the best scores on the world. Check online leaderboards and try to grab all achievements. Leaderboards and achievements is provided by GooglePlay games service! Game...

  • Wrecked Picture - puzzle game

    Wrecked Picture - puzzle game




    Great picture puzzle game with great explosions! Your task is to arrange a great picture. It's not as easy as it seems becuse if you don't arrange the elements properly you will destroy some part of the picture (explosions) and your picture will be wrecked. Features: - high quality...

  • Fruits Day Mania

    Fruits Day Mania




    Collect all fruits to complete level. Fruits Day Mania is a great and addictive game with levels of rising difficulty, which tries to provide all players a lot of satisfaction! Features: - 40 level - colorful graphics - great sound effects - pure arcade - very good gameplay - user friendly...

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