ZingMagic is a leading developer of classic games.

ZingMagic Limited is a leading developer of classic games that amuse, stimulate and challenge the mind, any time, any place. Games include our award winning Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Sudoku and Bridge.

  • Hearts V+




    Hearts is a classic card game, full of skill and strategy. Unless you attempt to ‘Shoot the Moon’, simply avoid collecting the Hearts. There can be few things in life which are more frustrating than being beaten by luck! To have your card playing ability and experience fall victim to a lucky...

  • Spades V+




    Spades is a modern classic in the world of card games. It is thought to have been developed during the late 1930's in America. The successful Spades player is a fine strategist, a master of deductive reasoning and a champion of mind games. ZingMagic allows you to develop and test these...

  • Checkers V+




    Checkers is the classic strategy board game with the goal of capturing all the opponent's pieces. The game is deceptively simple yet full of intricacy as those that take on the Expert level will find. Steeped in history, games similar to Checkers were played by the early Egyptian Pharaohs...

  • Bridge V+




    The latest version of Bridge introduces our all new state of the art advanced Bridge card play engine playing at a significantly stronger level. At the end of this description is further information about the new engine which we hope answers some of the common forum questions. Reporting problems...

  • Omar Sharif Bridge V+




    Omar Sharif Bridge could be the perfect game. Its ease of play marks it out as a firm favourite for casual gamers, whilst the huge depth of strategy and vast intricacies involved allow it to be a game that can be studied by the most serious card student. Bridge now includes a comprehensive bid...

  • Chinese Chess V+




    ZingMagic's critically acclaimed Chinese Chess application is a fun, stimulating and interesting alternative to western Chess. Just like western Chess, the aim of the game is to capture your opponent's King. You have seven pieces at your disposal, each with their own rules of movement....

  • Chess V+




    ★ Top Developer Regardless of your playing level, ZingMagic's multi award winning Chess is a fun, stimulating and challenging game for beginners and champions alike. Features include: over 10 levels of play; stunning graphics with choice of boards and piece sets; hints and tips to improve...

  • 7.2

    Checkers V+




    Classic checkers versus CPU or a friend

  • HomeRun V+




    HomeRun is ZingMagic's own version of the classic Golf card solitaire. ★★★★★ Very addictive free game ★★★★★ Smooth game play + good card sizes At the start of the game the first thirty-five cards are dealt face upwards into seven ranks of five cards. The objective of the game is to remove...

  • Four In A Line V+




    ★ Top Developer Four In A Line is the perfect game for those who look for a quick five-minute pleasure fix whilst on the run. ★★★★★ Hooked!! Fun game! ★★★★★ M asif n i lov it ★★★★★ strong CPU challenging game, and its free The aim of the game is quite simple: get 4 pieces in a line vertically,...

  • Lexikos




    The best and most unique word game for a long time has arrived on your favourite device. Unleash that inner lexicon and become a true word wizard. Rearrange letter tiles, compose words, use your boosters and reach your target in over 100 levels of enthralling game play. WARNING: Playing this...

  • Gomoku V




    ★ Top Developer The ancient game of Gomoku is essentially a very simple one, however as you progress you will be surprised at the richness and strategies required in both defence and attack. ★★★★★ Good gme, think hard ★★★★★ Strong CPU, 15x15 really good and its free Gomoku is a game for two...

  • Linez




    Linez is a highly addictive classic board game. Simply place five or more pieces in a line, horizontally, vertically or diagonally to score points. Linez is based on the highly addictive Lines games. Your objective is simply to score the highest number of points and enter the High Score Hall of...

  • FiveOAK




    FiveOAK is an addictive dice solitaire game played with a set of five standard dice. It combines the best in luck and skill to entertain for many hours. FiveOAK is a dice game for one or two players. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible from 13 ‘hands’. A ‘hand’...

  • Sudoku V




    Sudoku is a simple yet highly addictive logic puzzle game. Simply complete the board ensuring that each row, each column and each sub-grid only contains one instance of each piece. At the start of a game a number of pieces are placed on the board. These are known as ‘givens’. The remainder of...