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ZingMagic is a leading developer of classic games.

ZingMagic Limited is a leading developer of classic games that amuse, stimulate and challenge the mind, any time, any place. Games include our award winning Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Sudoku and Bridge.

Download Checkers V+ Checkers V+ icon

Checkers V+

Classic checkers versus CPU or a friend

Free | 7.2 11.6K

7.2 Expert
Download Four In A Line V+ Four In A Line V+ icon

Four In A Line V+

★ Top Developer Four In A Line is the perfect game for those who look...

Free | 6.6 3.6K

6.6 Users
Download Chess V+ Chess V+ icon

Chess V+

★ Top Developer Regardless of your playing level, ZingMagic's mul...

Free | 7.2 4.6K

7.2 Users
Download Bridge V+ Bridge V+ icon

Bridge V+

The latest version of Bridge introduces our all new state of the art a...

Free | 7.6 3.1K

7.6 Users
Download Backgammon V+ Backgammon V+ icon

Backgammon V+

★ Top Developer ZingMagic's critically acclaimed version of Backg...

Free | 7 2.9K

7 Users
Download GemMagic - FREE GemMagic - FREE icon

GemMagic - FREE

GemMagic is a fast paced, simple and highly addictive board game. Simp...

Free | 7.6 254

7.6 Users
Download Chinese Chess V+ Chinese Chess V+ icon

Chinese Chess V+

ZingMagic's critically acclaimed Chinese Chess application is a fu...

Free | 7.4 386

7.4 Users
Download Enigma V+ Enigma V+ icon

Enigma V+

Enigma requires you to use all your powers of deductive reasoning to c...

Free | 6.8 175

6.8 Users
Download Sudoku V+ Sudoku V+ icon

Sudoku V+

Sudoku is a simple yet highly addictive logic puzzle game. Simply comp...

Free | 7.4 190

7.4 Users
Download Omar Sharif Bridge V+ Omar Sharif Bridge V+ icon

Omar Sharif Bridge V+

Omar Sharif Bridge could be the perfect game. Its ease of play marks i...

$3.77 $3.85 | 7 100

7 Users
Download Pegz V+ Pegz V+ icon

Pegz V+

Pegz is a highly addictive classic board game based on Peg Solitaire....

Free | 8.2 38

8.2 Users
Download Spades V+ Spades V+ icon

Spades V+

Spades is a modern classic in the world of card games. It is thought t...

Free | 8 77

8 Users