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AntiDroidTheft - Official

Add extra to security to your phone if it is lost or stolen. Track its location and take pictures on the internet through the Anti Droid Theft website at www.antidroidtheft.com. Its features include: - View position of phone using GPS - Track changes to SIM card / phone numbers - Spy camera, view pictures taken from phone's camera. Anti Droi…

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Download Droid Messenger Droid Messenger icon
Droid Messenger

DroidMessenger allows you to send and receive SMS messages from your phone wirelessly through the web or email from your computer or tablet (No extra program required!). In any web browser, you can log into the www.droidmessenger.com website, and view all your texts that are being sent to your phone, as well as reply and send new texts. It is like…

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Download SIM Watcher Pro SIM Watcher Pro icon
SIM Watcher Pro

If you lose your phone this could provide some insurance. SIM Watcher allows you to keep track of what phone number is being used on your phone. It will automatically send out an SMS message to a specified number if someone changes the SIM card in your phone.

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Download Mobile Shopper Mobile Shopper icon
Mobile Shopper

For mobile shoppers, those of us that like to shop on our phones, its hard to find sites that have good online stores, so I created this app that has a pre loaded list of some good places to shop on your phone, and also allows you to save favorites that you might come across while shopping. This application is perfect for when you want to do sho…

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The Right Credit Card

The Right Card is a tool for helping you manage your credit cards to allow you to buy things now, and pay for them later interest free, by remembering when your statement dates are and when your payment dates are. Credit card companies have things called grace periods. It is the length of time between when you purchase something using your card,…

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Viral SMS

Send text messages virally! This app will allow you and your friends to have a conversation as a group!Create a group, tell people to subscribe, and when someone sends a message to the group on your phone, everyone who has subscribed will also get the message!An easy way to keep everyone in the know on nights out!

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