• Caelestis





    "Nearly a thousand years after a world wide nuclear war a new world order has formed, the descendant of those that survived are ruled over by the “Gods”, a small group of pre-war military officers that have kept control over advanced weaponry. You take the role of a slave working in the...

  • Complete Linux Installer

    Complete Linux Installer




    We are currently running a indiegogo campaign to take the project to the next level! please http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/linuxonandroid/x/1111384 for more info Complete Linux Installer is an all in one solution to installing Linux distros on your Android device. Brought to you by the...

  • Complete Linux Installer Key

    Complete Linux Installer Key




    This is the donation key for the Complete Linux Installer --------------------Donation version-------------------- By buying this key you unlock the below features: *Remove all ads from app *Linux editor (to change screen size and mounts etc.) *Set up linux to boot on startup of android *Ads for...

  • SlapOS Installer

    SlapOS Installer




    !Note! This is the first open BETA for the SlapOS Installer, please make sure your device meets the below requirements. There will most likely be bugs, if you find any within the app please submit a bug report, if you find issues with SlapOS once installed please post your issues:...

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