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    Dropy - The water drop (Jump)

    Dropy is a water drop, who would like to collect the eternal water drops, from all over the world! There are only some power-ups, which can help him, getting more, about those eternal drops. And you are of course! Help him collect all the water drops, what you see on the screen, and get more and more points! Help him! This game contains four game…

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    Download Will You marry Me? Will You marry Me? icon
    Will You marry Me?

    Are you fear of ask the big question "Will You marry Me?" from your girlfriend? Here is the appropriate app for You! It is the new world's program. You don't need to say, your girlfriend will know what do you want! If you want, contact me on my e-mail, and I probably can make you your own looks wedding program. Good for not-like-…

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    Download Fast Status for Facebook Fast Status for Facebook icon
    Fast Status for Facebook

    Have you ever wanted to post your status to Facebook, or share your things/thoughts with your friends or family, in an easy, and quick way? Then it is your app. You don't need to start the Facebook app, just start this app, write what you want in the edit box, click on Send button and it was posted on your Facebook wall.

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    Download Attitude Detector Attitude Detector icon
    Attitude Detector

    Fake detector app, what alarm after 10 seconds. You can choose the type of people, you want looking for. It will be updated with new functions. After the choose, you need to press the magnifier at the right top, and the scan is started. After 10 seconds it will alarm! You can joke your friends with it! Use it and watch your friends face, while the…

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    Download Bomb Jumper Bomb Jumper icon
    Bomb Jumper

    Help Bomb to get more and more fire for his family and for his friends! But be careful, do not fall off from the ramps, and don't touch the flying waters! Be careful and help Bomb! Jump higher and higher, and get more points! This game contains four game modes: - Normal - Infinite - Kid - Increasing! Normal mode: It is the normal mode of…

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    Download Funny Hand Dryer Funny Hand Dryer icon
    Funny Hand Dryer

    Have you ever thought of a mini hand dryer in your phone? Have you ever wanted to dry your hand in some case? Probably it won't be available, for a few years, but who know. :) Here is your app, for your phone, what can imitate the normal / real hand dryers' sound. And you can do it with "the normal, put your hands below way" on yo…

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    Download Stupid or Idiot - Christmas Stupid or Idiot - Christmas icon
    Stupid or Idiot - Christmas

    Stupid Or Idiot? What do you think? You probably neither of them, but, do you have any certificate of this? Can you make any tests in the world? Do you have very big IQ? Can you answer any questions in a split second? Can you make all of the Quiz shows on your phone. But can you make these small tests which are in this program? There are tens of…

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    Download Vegetarian Snake Vegetarian Snake icon
    Vegetarian Snake

    This is a snake game, with very easy control. New functions will coming! Eat a lot of fruits with your snake, because he is vegetarian! He don't like meat! With simple graphics! Tap your screen's left or right side to control him! Improve your highscore, and play with it against your friends! Have you ever controlled a Vegetarian Snake? Ha…

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    Download Clicks-Per-Minutes (CPM) Clicks-Per-Minutes (CPM) icon
    Clicks-Per-Minutes (CPM)

    This is an application, which helps you to measure your performance on your phone/device. Have you ever thought about how many clicks can you make in a minute? Did you want to show for your friends or family, that you are better than them in clicking? Have you ever tried it on your phone, or on your computer? Not? Here's your chance to try it!…

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    Download Can't Escape Can't Escape icon
    Can't Escape

    You can't escape... Avoid the red characters as far as you can, by dragging the blue one! Sounds easy, isn't it? It is more harder than you think, I know... You will never know where the reds are going next. It is not the easy race where they bounce off the walls, and that's it. No, it isn't! You will see they are changing they way…

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