• ExciteBall



    Tap the ball to push it and get score! Don't touch the blue line! Be careful with the side walls as they are bouncing, the ball will bounce off them. You should use your reflexes to click on the ball as it is moving very quick! Sounds simple, but it's more harder than you think! How to...

  • Fly like birds

    Fly like birds


    Fly like birds! Fly by flap your wings, avoid the obstacles and get score! Don't let your bird to fall / touch the ground! - Tap the screen to fly - Avoid the obstacles and the ground - Get Score Sounds easy, isn't it? You will see it is harder than you think! Be careful, because...

  • Dropy - The water drop (Jump)

    Dropy - The water drop (Jump)




    Dropy is a water drop, who would like to collect the eternal water drops, from all over the world! There are only some power-ups, which can help him, getting more, about those eternal drops. And you are of course! Help him collect all the water drops, what you see on the screen, and get more and...

  • Boxy - The Toy Box

    Boxy - The Toy Box


    Boxy is a toy box, who would like to get all the toy bears, what he can! Help him collect the toy bears, and get more and more points! Don't fall off from the ramps, because Boxy won't be happy then! Help him! All of the levels are different! You won't find two equal levels! You can...

  • Stupid Or Idiot 2

    Stupid Or Idiot 2




    Stupid or Idiot? What can it be? What do you think? ... Yes dozens of funny moron tests and questions! Do you like quizes, puzzles? This game is for you! With some funny questions, you will realize that you not only need to have great knowledge, but you have to be calm, and patient, and you...

  • Smiley Jump

    Smiley Jump




    Help Smiley the smiley get some orbs! You can control him to pick up those nice orbs, and he will be happy, if he get some! But be careful! Do not fall off from the ramps! You can use power-ups too, to get more orbs, and to get higher! This game contains four game modes: - Normal - Infinite -...

  • Stupid Or Idiot?

    Stupid Or Idiot?




    Stupid Or Idiot? What do you think? You probably neither of them, but, do you have any certificate of this? Can you make any tests in the world? Do you have very big IQ? Can you answer any questions in a split second? Can you make all of the Quiz shows on your phone, and you can answer...

  • Bubblx





    An amazing bubble shooter game, with more than 110 competing, challenging, and addictive levels! Try to beat them all, and wait for the weekly updates to get more and more levels of fun! The game looks like easy, you need to shoot at least 3 bubbles, of a color to one place, and they will fall...

  • Shiny - The Jump Star

    Shiny - The Jump Star




    In the stars' world there is a big problem nowadays. There are only a minimum amount of lights, because the most evil star, Darkest, has stolen all of the lights from Shiny's world. Shiny is one of the bravest stars in the world. And he is the only one, who can save the stars' world....

  • Will You marry Me?

    Will You marry Me?




    Are you fear of ask the big question "Will You marry Me?" from your girlfriend? Here is the appropriate app for You! It is the new world's program. You don't need to say, your girlfriend will know what do you want! If you want, contact me on my e-mail, and I probably can make...

  • Bomb Jumper

    Bomb Jumper




    Help Bomb to get more and more fire for his family and for his friends! But be careful, do not fall off from the ramps, and don't touch the flying waters! Be careful and help Bomb! Jump higher and higher, and get more points! This game contains four game modes: - Normal - Infinite - Kid...

  • Funny Idiot Button

    Funny Idiot Button




    Have you ever pressed / pushed an idiot button? Not? Yes? Do you want to try it out? Try it out now! You musn't press / push the button. Will you? Yes, you will maybe. Why? Because of the curiosity. And what will happen after it? You will see it! Try out with your friends too. Note that it...

  • Funny Hand Dryer

    Funny Hand Dryer




    Have you ever thought of a mini hand dryer in your phone? Have you ever wanted to dry your hand in some case? Probably it won't be available, for a few years, but who know. :) Here is your app, for your phone, what can imitate the normal / real hand dryers' sound. And you can do it with...

  • Hand Fight

    Hand Fight




    This is a Rock, Paper, Scissors (Rock-Paper-Scissors) like game. You can play it against the computer (your phone). Permissions are only needed for the Ads. Choose your hand first, and at every turn! Forget the game's state? No problem! There are two counter what will count the state. Try to...

  • Jumper Christmas Tree

    Jumper Christmas Tree




    Jumper Christmas Tree?! Yes, he is a tree, who wants to be a Christmas Tree! And you can help him in his dream! Get decorations for him, and he will be happier than ever! You can see how the decorations decorate him, if you collect a lot from them! Get some power-ups, to collect more...

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