Zymr, Inc.

  • Closer By




    Closer By helps you to discover fundamental stuffs amid crisis from the individuals who are staying adjacent your area. It rapidly distinguishes your position and permits you to make your own particular territory network in which you can see companions, neighbors and friends and family who can...

  • justHail




    justHail – Video Greetings is built with similar concept. In old ways people used to send text messages to their friends or family for a specific occasion. But now using JustHail you can create a small greeting video for your friends or family for the occasion and share it with him. It becomes...

  • Picture Quiz




    In this application, mainly 18 stages is there. Each stage have collection of category wise images. You are guess the image and get the some points. After guessing the correct images you are able play for the next stages. we have to provide some help for guessing the image.

  • SMS Sender




    If you want schedule SMS with using your custom template, Zymr inc brings you SMS Sender for you. According to Schedule, Message is automatically send to that contact number from the backend side. This app is provide the SMS Scheduling based on Day, Week , Month and Year wise. Also schedule with...

  • Pick-One


    Do you want to create survey? Yes, then Pick one app is made for you. Using this app you can do various types survey in few mins. It has very simple navigational yet very interactive user interface. Survey results are shown in graphical interactive charts.Make Survey and send to your friends...

  • Let's-Talk




    You want to chat with your friends? If Yes then we have Lets-Talk for you. Single Chat, Group Chat & Multiply Chat make your utility . We have Features of Social Chatting with app. You can login GTalk, Facebook, Yahoo & MSN via our app and you can Chat directly to your friends. Simply...

  • Cloud Catchers




    This game talks about a scientist who is Leonardo's contemporary. Pre electricity era. So he goes out in the sky with his hot air balloon and collects electro energy from clouds. His goal is to collect energy for his city. COLLECT: NORMAL ENERGY CLOUD: Collect for 100 points. SILVER...

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