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    Published: 2013-06-26, by Peter Warrior.

    Successful sequel-prequel to Contract Killer Zombies

    • Awesome gameplay
    • Free with in-app purchases
    • Above average graphics and sound effects
    • Overall, no complaints

    "Use the bat to save ammo"

    This is the Korean version of CK:Z2 Origins. English version is here.

    Glu Mobile can not only be considered one of the major players in mobile gaming board, but also one of the companies better at making profit from their franchises, mostly because they haven't slept on their laurels and every new game they release takes the best from its prequel and adds what it lacked. This is also the case for CK:Z2, which brings us the nice story of CK:Z and at the same time, add those new elements from Contract Killer 2: Shadow Conspiracy. For example, our character won't be static in a place anymore camping (err, I mean, sniping), because levels alternate sniping stages with close quarters action.

    Game brings stardom to Evelyn, your sidekick in CK:Z. In case you haven't meet her before, she's the living proof of how a female character in a zombie armaggedon can be confident and pretty at the same time without having to show too much flesh. Likewise, zombies have been improved a lot and they have nothing to envy to actual PC zombie games. Overall, this game is as good as any other you could play on your portable; graphics, sound effects are great, making the most of your beloved device. Playability is awesome.

    There's one big flaw, though, one that we're sure you already realized: keeping loyal to their marketing philosophy, Glu's game is free, but gets eventually too difficult as you explore new stages. Unless you dive into the shop and visit the cash desk. Anyway, this game is enjoyable for a long while before you really need to earmark money to advance, because there are several game modes and quite a handful missions to fulfill, ranging from "kill everything" to escort survivors. We'd preferred a more complex storyline and better cutscenes, even when they are nicely voiced, but in the end the most important must be gameplay.

    Unexpectedly, CK: Z2 only takes half a Gb and contrary to what it looks like, it doesn't ask for a top notch, high-end device to run properly. Highly recommended.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jun 26, 2013

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