3 Kingdoms Combat:Rise of Shu



"3 Kingdoms Combat : Rise of Shu" is a fighting game based on the history of Three Kingdoms period of China. It provides a PVP platform integrated with the card game format. In the Battle Mode, you can control the characters on your own in each battle. While defeating the fights in stages, you can strengthen your own army by changing your team members with the cards rewarded. Your army can be as powerful as that of Liu Bei, the founder of the state of Shu of China.
For each battle, you can select three battle characters and one military advisor for your team. During the battle, you can switch the battle character representative among the three ones whenever you want. By using different characters strategically and skilfully in different situations, you will overcome battles and stages easily.

Battle Mode
“The Battle Mode” means the story mode. In this mode, you need to control your characters to battle in each stage and defeat the enemies. After completing a stage, the next one will then be unlocked. After completing all the stage of a chapter, the next chaper will be opened. You can play in each stage for infinite times, but a certain numbers of tokens will be consumed. The tokens will be gradually restored by time; you can pay for the tokens for faster restorage.

In addition, you can open a treasure box after completing each stage. You will have a chance to get battle character cards and military advisor cards. The characters of these cards are those enemies you have met and defeated. You can switch these characters to be your team members, which may strengthen your team. In each battle, you can use three battle character cards and one military advisor card at most. You must equip each of them before battles.

After a stage cleared, you can open a treasure case. There’s also a probability to get battle characters and military counselors from the case. Every time, in a maximum of 3 battle characters and one military counselor can be selected to enter a battle. You should prepare arms for each character enters the battle.

Suppression Mode
“Suppression Mode” means multi-competition mode. You can challenge other players in battles, and become the winner after defeating them. If you become the winner, not only you will get rewards, but also you will achieve the reputation and money from your competitors. The reputation gained can be used for upgrading your level. Your power will be enforced after your level is upgraded.

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