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    Published: 2012-09-07, by Peter Warrior.

    A 3rd person shooter where covering is as important as shooting (Korean version)


    "You're a one man army in a one man's war"

    Glu Mobile (Gun Bros, Super KO Boxing...) is famous for several things, being the most important that every single user of a Glu game can ensure the company's work to met a truly high quality standard.

    Frontline Commando, although it isn't Glu's best game so far, keeps its promise of entertaining, fun and thrilling gameplay. Game mechanics remind of Cabal, Time Crisis and those third person survival shooting games in which is quite important to set a strategy to have always where to take cover from your enemies. It becomes clear that Glu's team learns from every game they release, and are obvious what features has Frontline Commando inherited from Contract Killer and which will bequeath to its successor.

    Meanwhile, move, cover, switch and reload weapons, aim, shoot, shoot, take cover again and start all over. Maybe it hasn't the spectaculary of more advanced -and heavyweighted- shooting games, but it's nice to play a 3rd person shooter in a time when FPSs are imposing over everything else.

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    Sep 07, 2012

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