Alien Apocalypse


Alien Apocalypse's review

by Peter Warrior

A 3D endless runner

  • Above average technical performance and graphics
  • Thrilling and intense gameplay
  • It may become repetitive

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"Would it be Apocalien or Alienlypse?"

Well, it was pretty obvious that a game called "Alien Apocalypse" would catch our attention, no matter it was a yet-another endless runner. Yes, can I say it? It's like T*mpl* Run with aliens, and an additional outstanding feature: you can shoot back, so your main incentive will be to get all the weapons and upgrades. In addition, stages have a sort of end, making of it a much more playable and interesting game than others in its species.

This game can be played for free, though you can sell your house for in-app purchases if you want to get those flashy upgrades really quick.

In the end, a cool 3D runner with explosions and thrilling action, a nice array of achievements and awards, and online leaderboards in case you are into online leaderboarding. Recommendable as the good timewaster it is.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Oct 22, 2013

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