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Armorslays 2 is a 3D action RPG featuring robots and futuristic weapons

  • Graphics
  • Enhanced Upgrade systen
  • Units and weapons
  • Requires medium/high end devices

"Robots came back"

Armorslays has been a phenomenon in Asia. Over 1 million of users have enjoyed it already. Its success isn't fortuitous: it's a well-crafted futuristic RPG, set in rich 3D graphics, action-packed fights and complete upgrading system.

Premise is simple: humans are sending robots to explore wild territories full of enemy's units. Those robots need to be constantly upgraded in order to face hordes of enemies trying to conquer the same land. You're in charge of both, managing upgrades and steering the robot in the battlefield. Each unit defeated make you earn money needed for upgrading.

This sequel has been developed taking into account players' feedback. It has been truly enhanced in some regards. Major changes are related to upgrade system: Armor Level Up, 8 new armor characters and powerful weapons. Likewise, there's a stage mode for each map.

No complaints regarding scenery: the game is set in rich 3D graphics. Well, the only catch: it doesn't run smoothly on low-end devices. Controlling the robot is as easy as moving it with a joypad and attack with a the right bottom button. You can hold it for a burst.

Highly recommendable.

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