Battle Robots!


Battle Robots!'s review

by Peter Warrior

2D armed fighting game with robots

  • Original, native mobile 2D fighting game
  • Great design
  • Special mention to music
  • No multiplayer
  • It could make further use of gestures to have more striking options

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"Cardboard Robot Sempukyaku"

2D Fighting games haven't been successful at all on mobile devices mainly because of user interface issues. Battle Robots is indeed a 2D fighting game, but as it's mobile native, does its best to fix those problems reinventing the whole input system, casting aside the pad plus on-screen buttons and choosing for gestures plus only three buttons instead.

This system allows for high and low blows, both light and fierce, plus a step back and a guard option. Lastly, when your super attack meter is full, you can unleash your super attack (sorry, I wouldn't bore you with technicalities) and often win the round. Be warned, it is not an easy game, not even in the early stages.

Wins mean money and money means upgrades. There are tens and tens of weapons and items to choose among, and the items you purchase will be reflected on your character. Cartoon-like graphics are well designed and animations are quite acceptable, and in fact it's a pity that this game is about cardboard robots and hasn't had a much more realistic, Street Fighter (as realistic as SF can be, of course) approach.

Lastly, if we had to highlight a flaw, it's the lack of any kind of multiplayer mode. Anyway, it's fun and will get its nice share of fans because of the few competitors this game may have.

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Jan 21, 2014

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